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Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Review: Free Download FINAL FANTASY 12 THE ZODIAC AGE Full Version Direct Link. FINAL FANTASY 12 THE ZODIAC AGE Free Download is a Japanese role-playing game for the PlayStation 2 developed and released by Square Enix in 2006.  It is the twelfth number part of the Final Fantasy series and includes many innovations the ability to freely move game characters around the battlefield a gambit system that serves to program the behavior of game characters controlled by artificial intelligence as well as the so-called "License Board"  new abilities and the ability to use various types of weapons.

The development was conducted since 2001 under the guidance of the game designer Yasumi Matsuno known for the games of the Ogre Battle series as well as Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story but due to health problems he was forced to leave the project after a while and Hiroshi Minagawa  .

Like the other games of the series the twelfth part has no plot connection with the previous parts.  The action of Final Fantasy XII takes place in the fictional fantasy world of Ivalis where the warlike empire of Arcadia invades the small kingdom of Dalmasku.  Two years after the defeat and occupation of Dalmaski the young thief and adventurer Vahan makes his way to the royal palace and meets Princess Ashe the legitimate heir to the throne who was deemed to have died.  Together with other unexpected allies they are looking for a way to get rid of the tyranny of Arcadia traveling through the lands of Ivalis.

Final Fantasy XII received positive reviews from the game press around the world and a number of awards in different categories and many authoritative publications called it the best game of the year.  By 2009 global sales exceeded 6 million copies with Japan accounting for 40% of the circulation 8.  In 2007 the updated international version with the subtitle International Zodiac Job System containing a new system of character development and a number of other changes was released;  this version of the game was not published outside the East Asian region.  In the same 2007 for the pocket platform Nintendo DS was released a kind of sequel - tactical role-playing game Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings.  The updated edition of Final Fantasy XII with the subtitle The Zodiac Age was released in 2017 for the PlayStation 4 9 6 and in 2018 for Microsoft Windows 10.

Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Game

Review: Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work. Free Download Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Game it is a series of computer games originating in 2001. All games of the series focus on building arranging and maintaining the performance of a successful zoo although scenarios may have other purposes.

History of Development:

Blue Fang Games was founded in 1998. The creators of the company decided that the game market is almost no game related to animals.  Therefore inspired by RollerCoaster Tycoon Blue Fang began developing an economic simulator of the zoo ..

Blue Fang released the Zoo Tycoon in 2001.  Then in 2002 there were 2 additions Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania.  In 2003 the Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection was released which included Dinosaur Digs and Marine Mania add-ons as well as the Endangered Species bonus downloadable add-on (DLC) also available for free download from the Microsoft website.

In 2004 a sequel to the game called Zoo Tycoon 2 was released. In 2005 Nintendo DS released a special version of Zoo Tycoon as well as the first addition to the Zoo Tycoon 2 - Endangered Species.  A year later three additions were released African Adventure Dino Danger Pack and Marine Mania.  Dino Danger Pack was a DLC and was sold through a credit card through the official website of Zoo Tycoon 2.

On October 16 2007 the following addition to Zoo Tycoon 2 - Extinct Animals was released.  The version of Zoo Tycoon 2 for Nintendo DS (Zoo Tycoon 2 DS) was released in February 2008 and then the Ultimate Collection appeared - a complete collection of Zoo Tycoon 2 with all the additions.

The Blue Fang contract with Microsoft ended in 2009.  But Blue Fang did not lose heart and released Zoo Tycoon on Playstation 3 (2013) and on Xbox 360 (2013).
Zoo Tycoon Ultimate Animal Collection Game

The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2

Review: Free Download The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2 Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. The Game The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2 Free Download This project positions itself as a full-fledged sequel and therefore I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the history before reading this review as it affects the events of the first game.

In the main menu of the game there is a section with a brief retelling of the events of the previous game but for the layman the entire enclosed archive will be just a set of text. And in order to save you a couple of extra minutes I'll attach below a brief description of the scenario of the first part namely its ending and bring the bridge to the second. The narrative begins precisely from the place where the line was drawn in the last part and the story gets its development. Erebonia (Erebonian Empire) plunged into a civil war.  Academy Thor (Thor) is subject to occupation.

The main hero of the game is Rein Schwarzer with the help of the ancient humanoid Valimar Ashen Knight returns to his native village hidden in the mountains and reflects on how to return to his friends with whom  he broke up because of the betrayal of his former colleague Crow (Crow Armbust) who turned out to be a terrorist named S. Here they show us the whole weight and bitterness of his experiences for his comrades and how he will overcome his anger and hatred of his enemy. Rhine is helped by his parents Elize Schwarzer's cousin and the representative of the Guild of Bracers Guild Towal.
The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2

Dynasty Warriors 9 Game

Review: Dynasty Warriors 9 Free Download Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work it is a hack 'n' slash video game developed by the Omega Force studio and released by Koei Tecmo exclusively on PlayStation 4 in Japan and on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and PC in Western markets23.  The game was released in Japan on February 8 20182 and in the West on February 13 of the same year.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Gameplay:

Dynasty Warriors 9 a hack 'n' slash game including some phases based on stealth. Compared to previous Dynasty Warriors this new episode adds new elements of gameplay the main one being the introduction of an open world.  Players will be able to move freely on a map of China from the Three Kingdoms period whether on foot horseback or boat.  Despite this freedom of movement the game will focus on the usual environments of the D.W such as towns and villages as well as places where major battles unfold.  The developers also announced that they planned to rethink the attacks and combos of the game67 characters.

Players can invade and infiltrate enemy fortifications using a grappling hook.  A day / night cycle and a dynamic weather system must also be implemented in the game. These changes will not be simply aesthetic because the brightness and weather should affect the sight of enemies and therefore their ability to spot  the character of the player.  According to the developers the map will evolve as players complete the missions of the main story.  Still according to the developers these missions will be very difficult but they can be solved more easily by completing the secondary missions associated with them2.

Dynasty Warriors 9 Game Characters:

Omega Force and Koei have confirmed that the 84 characters of Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires will all be present in Dynasty Warriors 9. New characters will also be included in the game one of which makes its first appearance in the spin-off Warriors All-  Stars67.

The following table lists the different characters present in the game. Those who appear for the first time in a Dynasty Warrior have an asterisk (*) next to their name.
Dynasty Warriors 9 Game

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Review: Free Download Kingdom Come Deliverance Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work it is a single-player computer role-playing game from the first person with an open medieval world. Kingdom Come Deliverance Free Download Full Version PC Game was developed by the Czech company Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for the platforms PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.  The game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia which is part of the Holy Roman Empire.  The developers tried to make the game more realistic and also tried to maintain historical certainty 2.  Release of the game took place on February 13 2018.

Events in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance occur in the kingdom of Bohemia parts of the land of the Bohemian crown (in our time this is the Czech Republic).  The first act takes place in the actual place between the cities of Sazava and Rataye which in the game were heavily modified.

The events in the game begin in 1403.  Its action takes place at the end of the Middle Ages when the Great Western schism took place and the events that took place in Bohemia ended in the Hussite wars.
Indro is the protagonist of the game the son of a blacksmith.  His family was killed by soldiers of the army invading his country. Vaclav IV - the legitimate heir to the throne of Bohemia was abducted at the beginning of the game.Sigismund is the brother of Vaclav who invaded his army in Bohemia and abducted Vaclav. Mr. Borgek is the captain of the garrison of the Talmberg castle.

The old King of Bohemia died and before his death he could not do so that the legitimate heir of Václav IV ascended to the throne.  This was used by the brother of the uncrowned King Sigismund he abducted Wenceslas and began to plunder his lands in order to enrich himself.

The game begins with the fact that the son of the blacksmith whose family was killed by the invaders intends to take revenge on them restore the legitimate ruler on the throne and make sure that his kingdom has peace and order.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Game
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