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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Review: Free Download Kingdom Come Deliverance Full Version PC Game Direct Link 100% Work it is a single-player computer role-playing game from the first person with an open medieval world. Kingdom Come Deliverance Free Download Full Version PC Game was developed by the Czech company Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for the platforms PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.  The game takes place in the Kingdom of Bohemia which is part of the Holy Roman Empire.  The developers tried to make the game more realistic and also tried to maintain historical certainty 2.  Release of the game took place on February 13 2018.

Events in the game Kingdom Come Deliverance occur in the kingdom of Bohemia parts of the land of the Bohemian crown (in our time this is the Czech Republic).  The first act takes place in the actual place between the cities of Sazava and Rataye which in the game were heavily modified.

The events in the game begin in 1403.  Its action takes place at the end of the Middle Ages when the Great Western schism took place and the events that took place in Bohemia ended in the Hussite wars.
Indro is the protagonist of the game the son of a blacksmith.  His family was killed by soldiers of the army invading his country. Vaclav IV - the legitimate heir to the throne of Bohemia was abducted at the beginning of the game.Sigismund is the brother of Vaclav who invaded his army in Bohemia and abducted Vaclav. Mr. Borgek is the captain of the garrison of the Talmberg castle.

The old King of Bohemia died and before his death he could not do so that the legitimate heir of Václav IV ascended to the throne.  This was used by the brother of the uncrowned King Sigismund he abducted Wenceslas and began to plunder his lands in order to enrich himself.

The game begins with the fact that the son of the blacksmith whose family was killed by the invaders intends to take revenge on them restore the legitimate ruler on the throne and make sure that his kingdom has peace and order.
Kingdom Come Deliverance Game

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game

Review: Free Download Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game for PC Full Version Direct Link. Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Free Download PC game For All Windows OS is the end of the path of Ellen Cross and at the moment the final part of the adventure series about mythical riddles and Count Dracula.

Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game Overview:

At the beginning of the game you need to select a profile.  The game can be saved only on exit (autosave) in addition the game itself makes some savepoints. Speed ​​Dialogs - click on the window with dialogs. Inventory and a diary with tasks are in the lower right corner of the screen. You will play for Ellen Cross which in the process of the game will have to be regularly fed up with tablets and food.  Health indicator - a scale next to the portrait of the heroine.  Food - the bookmark "cross" in the inventory (to eat something you need to put the items in slots and click on "Swallow") possible recipes - a bookmark with a snake and a bowl.  I draw your attention to the fact that if you give the heroine whiskey or sleeping pills the level of her health will go down so be careful. The game was played in English so when localizing it is possible to write other names and titles.

Game Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy
Platform Android iOS Mac PC
Genre adventure
Release date December 2 2013
Developer Microids
Publisher Anuman Interactive
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Dracula 5 The Blood Legacy Game

Sniper Path Of Vengeance Game

Review: Free Download Sniper Path Of Vengeance PC Game Full Version Direct Link 100% work. Sniper: Path of Vengeance Free Download For PC Full Version For All Windows OS it is actually more awful than the developer's last game, the thoroughly wretched Mortyr.
And the plot of Sniper is a separate conversation.  The protagonist the hired killer named "Sniper" receives an order for a certain jerk who has flunked to the side of the police.  Having finished the renegade and heading for a rendezvous with the customer the Sniper gets into a police ambush and realizes that someone has framed him.  From prison he very successfully escapes during a riot and begins a merry merry-go-round in which Italians Russians triads corrupt policemen corrupt officials a super-secret drug a cat statue (or that was a dog?) And a heifer with large polygonal buffers participate.  In short complete nonsense even fans of militants with Lorenzo Lamas can not not admit it.

Sniper Path Of Vengeance Game Overview:

Numerous absurdities and nonsense games made me think what else did I learn about life thanks to Sniper Path of Vengeance?  Meet the hot ten of "sniper" curiosities

1. Everyone - from a corrupt police chief to a private prisoner - smokes Soyuz-Apollo cigarettes.
2. The mayor's house was hung with portraits of the ever-living Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.
3. The Russian mafia is led by a plow with a strange name "Don Vasil" who lives in an abandoned Catholic monastery.
4. The Russian mafia the Italian mafia and the Chinese triads viciously gnawing among themselves coexist on a scrap of land of less than a square kilometer and finding a secret passage from one zone of influence to another is simpler than simple.
5. However the criminal elements themselves can not detect these moves.
6. Police officers bought up by the Italians almost live in a door with Russian bandits but do not pay any attention to them.
7. The best that the Mafiosi can come up with taking two revolvers from the shoulder holsters is to turn to the attacking back of the head.
8. Cops are cut to VAZ-2103 and decorate the walls of their sites with photographs of this super-cruiser.
9. A heifer with large polygonal buffers regularly hides in the house of another unfriendly Sniper villain and sits there under the bush playing on the piano to jump out at a critical moment like a devil from a snuffbox.
10. In carrying out the task killers from the principle use an unremovable laser target designator.

Sniper Path Of Vengeance Game

Celeste Game

Review: Celeste PC Game Free Download Full Version Direct Link. Celeste Free Download For PC 100% working Game it is a computer game in the genre platformer developed by Matt Makes Games and in particular two of its employees Matt Thorson and Noel Berry.  The plot of the game tells of a girl named Meidlin who wants to climb to the top of Mount Celeste.  Celeste was released in January 2018 on Microsoft Windows Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4 Xbox One Mac and Linux.

Celeste Game Gameplay:

The Celeste's gameplay is similar in many respects to the Super Meat Boy which also requires a high level of accuracy in character management.  The player needs to controlling the main character and using her abilities climb walls and make a jerk draw it through the levels containing the various traps.  In this case the player can perform only one spurt before touching the ground again.  The character's hair changes color from red to blue which means that the ability to jerk was exhausted.  The character can go through a green crystal to replenish his jerk in the air and at the late levels there are feathers that allow you to fly a short distance.  The ability to collect strawberries is also added which is scattered across all levels which adds a competition based on glasses to the game.

Celeste Game Plot:

The action takes place in the vicinity and on the very mountain of Celeste a fictional mountain in western Canada which has some power.  The plot unfolds around a girl named Meidlin who decided to climb the mountain.  Climbing the mountain it passes through the Forgotten city the hotel "Heavenly resort" and other places.  On the way she meets other characters the old woman who lives on this mountain;  photographer Theo from Seattle who came to the mountain to take pictures;  a ghost of the concierge who lives in the abandoned hotel of Mr. Oshoro and at first a somewhat hostile "part of it" which the mountain separated from the main heroine.  Madeline on all of her difficult path has to face and overcome her inner demons in addition to the trials that the mountain gives.
Celeste Game

Island Flight Simulator Game

Review: Free Download Island Flight Simulator Game Full Version Direct Link 100% Work. flight simulator free download pc game for all windows OS it is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and the environment in which it flies, for pilot training, design, or other purposes. 

Enjoy fantastic open gameplay land in the tropics and carry loads between twelve exotic islands in more than one hundred exciting missions.  Only the most courageous pilots will take the risk of accepting as very profitable and illegal missions from fleeing customers.

• Over one hundred different transport missions some of them very lucrative but also risky enough.
• Exotic installation on an archipelago with twelve islands.
• 3 different aircraft that can be upgraded with upgrades for speed strength and fuel capacity.
• Personal hangars and three main aerodromes.
• Personal card and examination card
Enjoy the fantastic gameplay.  Do landings in the tropics and carry loads between 12 exotic islands in more than 100 exciting missions.  Only the most courageous pilots will take risks and take on very lucrative but at the same time not entirely legal missions.
Over one hundred different tasks.  Some of them will bring you an excellent profit and others - problems with the law.
Exotic landscapes on the archipelago of twelve islands.
Three different planes.  Improve their speed strength and fuel 
Personal hangars three major airports as well as flight maps.
Island Flight Simulator Game
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