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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

El Matador Game

Review: El Matador is a video game in the genre of third-person shooter developed by Plastic Reality Technologies and published by Cenega Publishing September 26 2006. In Russia the game is localized and published by 1C.

El Matador Game Overview:

The game takes place in Colombia.  The player assumes the role of an agent of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Victor Corbet nicknamed El Matador which together with its allies to confront the organization calling itself la Valedora engaged in drug trafficking.  The game has the ability to use time-lapse mode Bullet time and perform jumps with deceleration and shooting take two weapons in both hands similar to Max Payne.  The game has realistic physics in particular to implement the elements destructible environments bullets can fly through the board and when shooting at metal surfaces fly away from them making it possible to kill an enemy who is behind cover.

Plot El Matador Game:

The protagonist of the game the DEA agent Victor Corbet returns from training camp and learns that his brother was killed and the drug mafia hitman hired from South America.

At the funeral director DEA unit asks Corbett to finish the work begun by his brother.  This becomes known criminals and they "bought" Hero group of highly professional killers.  Gradually Corbett becomes aware that the case which investigated his brother involved many more people than he had expected among which also includes management and staff.

More From El Matador Game:

In general the game received mixed reviews received by Metacritic rating of 54%. 1  IGN gave the game a 5.3 estimate saying 9 2 "If you have never played in Max Payne 2 and are looking for some unique third-person shooter with a silly plot and control worthy try El Matador».  1UP gave the game an assessment «C» and a rating of 50% he said "The plot of El Matador characters and gameplay have not added anything new to the genre.  In the game there is nothing much wrong with that but there is nothing good that could be remembered. "9 4  Russian magazine "Gambling" game called as. "Tech but insipid rehash of Max Payne successfully compensating for the absence of the alleged plot solid gameplay and nice graphics" 10
El Matador Game

IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game

Review: IGI 2 Covert Strike is a computer game in the genre of FPS developed by «Innerloop Studios» PC platform and published by «Codemasters».  In Russia published by 1C.  The game has been banned in China because it "deliberately denigrates the image of China and the Chinese army".

IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game Overview:

In the fight with the enemy from David Jones a former paratrooper special SAS unit has 3 powerful ally weapons tactics and camouflage.  With their help superspy to thwart the plans of the largest terrorist organization and prevent the onset of World War III.

More From IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game:

The main goal of the agent Jones - finding stolen electromagnetic pulse technology - will accompany you throughout the game.  The technology was invented by the Americans.  When it is formed using a powerful electromagnetic pulse high-sensitivity electronics hitting the opponent.

GamePlay IGI 2 Covert Strike PC Game:

The first part of the campaign will take place in Eastern Europe (former Soviet Union).  information was obtained from operational sources that the Russian mafia was able to steal chips from the EMR technology.  Moreover they have continued to study the technological development in the laboratory in the Carpathians (in the guise of the weather station) and set up the production of innovative sample electromagnetic weapons factory "Elekteh".  From there the first stretch yarn for which the anti-terrorist center will undertake and IGI.  Successfully completing all the tasks (theft microchips and sabotage to stop production) Jones finds himself in a sticky situation - in the ranks of the organization was a traitor and now he faces death.  They arrogate to themselves been stolen samples smash IGI analytical center and throw the main character with a helicopter on the Ukrainian-Romanian border leaving only with a knife and a broken cartographer.  The latter will have to cross the territory of Romania where it will wait for an evacuation helicopter UH-60.
IgI 2 Covert Strike Pc Game

Project IGI 3 The Plan Game

Review: Project IGI 3 The Plan Game is The player controls the actions of the former SAS soldier David Jones now working in the operation code word I.G.I (I'm Going In - «I go").  It's instructions from the Centre helps Anya - a specialist in the field of computer systems and nuclear physics.

Project IGI 3 The Plan Game Overview:

At the beginning of the game Jones' throw to the enemy's rear to the territory of Russia where he gets on a military facility owned by no one Joseph arrived possibly involved in the abduction of a nuclear bomb.  After the explosion of air defense systems Jones gets on the airfield where allegedly in captivity is Joseph.  However it managed to evacuate and Jones has to escape by hijacking a fighter.

More From Project IGI 3 The Plan Game:

Due to the information received by Jones locate Joseph Surf.  Jones is involved in the operation to free him maintaining sniper fire friendly troops.  Joseph says that was captured by his uncle Jacob Surf arms dealer is also involved in the kidnapping of a bomb.  Jones penetrates radar base and introduces a computer virus into the system.  It thus obtains information on the whereabouts of Surf.

Jones along with friendly troops Surf captures and transports it to the helicopter but during the flight across the border of their fighters shot down on the orders of Eck a former employee of the KGB.  It takes away from the spot Surf helicopter drop and Jones manages to escape.  Jones is chosen from the enemy territory and the second captures Surf which were escorting the train.  By train applied airstrike but Jones and profit have time to escape and they evacuated the friendly troops.

Surf reports information about Eck and Jones gets on her secret base but she manages to get away with a bomb.  Then she grabs the NPP which previously housed a factory for processing plutonium from Cold War.  Jones is involved in the operation to storm the station.  He is joined by Anna which is to defuse the bomb.  They penetrate into the underground complex where Jones kills Eck and Anya neutralize the bomb.
Project Igi 3 The Plan Game

Mini Ninjas Game

Review: Mini Ninjas Game press Edit and where your contribution will be tested by the moderator to get a bonus!  The most active participants are to receive awards or if you are interested to become the only authorized users can moderatorom.Redaktirovat this section.
Randy Cunningham is going to be cool ninja!  He is waiting for an exciting journey in the dungeon with a lot of dangers.

More From Mini Ninjas Game:

Game Cool Ninja Randy Cunningham - a game in the genre of "fighting for the boys" based on the cartoon Ninja High School.  The children sat in class listening to the teacher and how there was trouble - one of the boys stole a bloodthirsty robot.  The main character is going to do anything to save a friend.  His goal - to learn all the intricacies of Chinese martial arts.

Mini Ninjas Game Overview:

Come level by level avoiding various obstacles - pendulums burning missiles laser beams and winning a lot of bloodthirsty enemies.  Use the handy tools - combat skills and a variety of balls which will be open as it passes.  Collect useful bonuses - gold badges ninjas hearts and more.
Mini Ninjas Game

Beatbuddy Tale Of The Guardians Game

Review: Beatbuddy Tale Of The Guardians Game is a multi-platform computer game in the genre puzzle-platformer with elements of survival horror developed by the independent Danish studio Playdead.  The project was announced in 2010 for the Xbox 360 and released on July 21 2010.  Over the next three years the game was ported to the platform such as the Mac OS X Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 Linux Vita iOS and Android.

Beatbuddy Tale Of The Guardians Game Overview:

Technically the project is a 2D side-scroller which uses the Box2D physics engine allows you to manage objects of the environment and character.  The protagonist is a little boy who is looking for his sister.  The game world which is assumed to some observers is a Catholic limb filled with numerous traps.  Studio gameplay style called the project 'trial and death "- in the main character because of the bad decisions the player constantly dying during gameplay.  Limbo established in monochromatic black and white minimalist surroundings and ambient sound.

More From Beatbuddy Tale Of The Guardians Game:

The game has received numerous awards in the gaming festivals and conferences including the best visual style technical performance sound and was nominated for "Game of the Year" award.  The project was highly otsenёn gaming journalists and columnists.  Most reviewers liked the graphic design simple operation and in-game puzzles.  However the story was perceived ambiguously some critics have found in it a hidden meaning while others considered it too fragmentary and not giving a full idea about the game.  Many observers also negatively perceived short duration of the project.  Total has sold over a million copies of Limbo which brought developers to eight million dollars in revenue.
Beatbuddy Tale Of The Guardians Game

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Mark Game

Review: The Mark Game Cooperative game mode of computer games in which two players or more cooperate with each other jointly overcoming obstacles such as the battle against the controlled AI opponents.

The Mark Game Overview:

Co-op mode is opposed to competition (Eng. Competitive game) multiplayer mode or in the form of PvP deathmatch where players confront each other (in particular in teams) and do not play together.

History of The Mark Game:

Co-operative play in splitscreen mode (several people on the same machine) was popular in the first game consoles and personal computers.  The first game which was a co-op mode network was Doom.
Boom games through the Internet has led to the fact that developers have begun to abandon the cooperative game by offering different types of events (ranging from simple to complex deathmatch'a team games for example Team Fortress).  Currently the cooperative component of the game migrated to the online game MMORPG genre
The Mark Pc Game

Sneaky Sneaky Game

Review:This year some genres have become quite popular - we have already mentioned several times about the revival of card games and the emergence MobileMOBA and stealth action and if you've played the Third Eye Crime you need to understand what is at stake.  Sneaky Sneaky appeared a couple of weeks ago but in that short time has received a huge amount of positive reviews in the gaming community and as it turned out on the right.

Sneaky Sneaky Game Overview:

It will be considered a sin stealing from a thief?  While the main character by the name of Sneaky immersed in philosophy the stolen treasure stolen bird and has scattered throughout the kingdom.  Now the thief would have to get back what he stole but it is worth remembering that his guards and criminals are looking for so you have to hide even from them.  But living in the woods dangerous animals and also to meet not like them ...

More From Sneaky Sneaky Game:

Developers have presented an excellent game with cool graphics and a sufficient number of well-known developments.  The picture is very nice lamp with a remarkable portrayal of subjects - it looks cool already in the screenshots not to mention the Retina-displays.  To pump your character you can - in the course are earned coins which will help not only to strengthen itself but also to help buy a couple of items to help you complete the game.  Great game which is uniquely you enjoy recommend!
Sneaky Sneaky Game

HomeFront Game

Review:: HomeFront Game is a multi-platform computer game in the genre of FPS developed by the studio Kaos Studios and published by THQ.  The story written by John Milius tells the story of how in the future united Korea captures the United States of America.  The game was released on Microsoft Windows PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 March 15 2011 in North America on March 17 2011 in Australia on March 18 2011 in Europe and April 14 2011 in Japan 7 8

Features of HomeFront Game:

Homefront - subject-oriented cinematic shooter in which the script is important.  In work on the storyline involved a famous Hollywood screenwriter John Milius ( "Apocalypse Now" "Red Dawn") and former US intelligence.  Technically the game is a continuation of Frontlines Fuel of War though not up for futuristic.

In early 2012 Kim Jong Il died and a year later came to power his son Kim Jong-un.  By 2025 the US economy will be finally destroyed by the second wave of the crisis and score political and military power of the Great Republic of Korea (formed through the merger of the former North Korea South Korea and a number of East Asian countries) will explode over the weakened US nuclear warhead and occupies the west of the country.  The American people who lost the regular army but not broken will continue to fight the invaders leading them against the uncompromising partisan warfare.  Their main task - to raise an insurrection in San Francisco which became the base of the occupation forces.

More From HomeFront Game:

The game begins in Montrose Colorado.  The plot begins with the fact that Robert Jacobs a former military pilot who awakens from a knock on his door.  Suddenly the visitors knock the door and behind it are two military policemen and WRC General who stunned Jacobs and dragged out of his apartment.  The hero woke up in the street where the Koreans put him in a school bus with other former pilot and took them as they were told "retraining".  While the bus passes through the city the hero sees the Korean soldiers mercilessly beaten and shot civilians.  Just a short drive bus hit by a truck with Resistance members Rihanna and Connor.  They Jacobs rescue from captivity but put on the ears of the military police and the military forces of the Korean People's Army in the city.  When the heroes get to the residential areas where they had to regroup with the other members of the Resistance they are attacked by a large detachment of troops of the KPA.  Salvation comes when Hopper technician guerrilla resistance causes Goliath - robot reprogrammed Korean troops and sends the device to drive the Robert.  Last successfully fights off the attack.
 HomeFront Game

Westward III Gold Rush Game

Review: Westward III Gold Rush Game will be able to complement the bright idea of ​​the game rather than the many reviews.  It turns out that for anyone who is interested in buying Westward III Gold Rush screenshots represent one of the most interesting sections of our catalog.

Westward III Gold Rush Game Overview:

Therefore we strive to select our gallery Westward III Gold Rush photos that would be better highlighted the graphics some features of intrigue the central characters the panorama of the playing space and more importantly for the Of course the screenshots Westward III Gold Rush albeit in good quality do not create a comprehensive understanding of the game because we offer to meet with the other pages of this game.

More From Westward III Gold Rush Game:

Westward III Gold Rush - the third part of the strategy in the western style.  When gold was discovered in Northern California seekers of easy prey filled this place.  Beginning "gold rush" which led to some unheard-of wealth and the other - a violent death.  We manage three pioneers who fight for justice and help the citizens to come to a peaceful prosperity.

Westward III Gold Rush Game
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