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Dino Crisis 2 Game

Dino Crisis 2 PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Dino Crisis 2 is known as Dino Crisis 2 Decline of Humanity - action-adventure the continuation of the game Dino Crisis.  Was released by SARS 1 on the PlayStation in 2000 in 2003 it was ported to the PC.

The story follows the events of the first game Regina is now sent to another job to the object next to the fictional town of Edward City where the anomaly has covered the island because of what he allegedly returned to the past in the era of the dinosaurs along with all its inhabitants.  Regina goes on a rescue mission with his new ally Dylan Morton who has a strange connection to the events on the island.  Control the player switches between Regina and Dylan at certain moments of the game.

The game takes place in 2010.  Despite the tragedy that occurred on the island from the first part the experiments with the "Third Energy" continues in the city of Edward City.  But like last time everything goes wrong and a large territory captured dinosaurs.

To help the survivors of a group of special forces sent TRAT which also includes Regina (the protagonist of the first part).  After landing on the shore they break camp.  One of the soldiers digging a trench around the perimeter when he is attacked velotseraptor.  After it runs out of the jungle a whole flock of raptors and rushes to the camp.  The commandos are starting to shoot but the dinosaur is more and attack all except three are killed.  Three survivors - two soldiers from the detachment TRAT Mortan Dylan and David Falk and Regina.  And when the end seems inevitable the unexpected strong snarling raptors suddenly run up and out of the jungle Tyrannosaurus.  David shoots him with a grenade launcher and enters the eye.  But this is only angry Tyrannosaurus rex.  He rushes in pursuit of Dylan and Regina and pushes them to the edge.  Desperate to escape they jump down.
Dino Crisis 2 Game

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