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Hitman Absolution Game

Review: Hitman Absolution Game A series of computer games in the genre of stealth action available on most modern platforms.  Action games developed around professional killer known under the codename Agent 47 (often referred to simply as "47th").  The series was developed by the Danish gaming company IO Interactive which now is part of Eidos Interactive.  The series consists of five games (the sixth announced at E3 2015 exhibition).

It was a film based on the series of games called "The Hitman" in 2007.  Initially the role of Hitman planned Vin Diesel but later he refused and took the lead role actor Timothy Olyphant.  The film's director Jean Xavier began and producers are Luc Besson and Chuck Gordon.  In 2015 came the film "Hitman Agent 47" with Rupert Friend in the title role which is radically different from the story line of games.  A series of games is also known music composer Jesper Kyuda.

Hitman Absolution (rus "assassins Absolution.") - A computer game in the genre of stealth action the fifth part of "the Hitman" series of games.  The developer of the game speaks Danish company IO Interactive which developed all the previous games in the series and publisher - Square Enix.  Target Platform games are personal computers game consoles the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Prior to the official announcement of May 10 2011 Hitman Absolution was known under the informal name Hitman 5.

Level consists of several (up to five) sublevels and 47th have for several sublevels way to the main goal killing enemies along the way minions destroy the main enemy and then break through the encirclement of police or thugs.  There are more secretive and less "masquerade" enemies have learned to unmask the disguise and very rarely there exists a cover allowing unimpeded pace the level without the risk of getting a bullet in the forehead (which is interesting all such cover - unique characters such as a judge or a drug dealer which it would seem  everyone should know in person).  All levels are passable in a suit without disguise some - elementary others - with great difficulty.
  Hitman Absolution Game

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