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Disciples III Resurrection Game

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Review: Disciples III Renaissance (Disciples III: Renaissance) is a computer game in the genre of turn-based strategy RPG GAME, with elements of dark fantasy, created by Studio .dat, a division of the company Akella (Publisher Strategy First was). The third game of the series Disciples.

The game takes place in a fantasy world, the bloodshed between them, over 70 years after the events of the second part of the game. The game has three playable factions: the Empire, Alliance of Elves and the legions of the damned. The Undead Hordes faction have the ultimate uprising of the dead, and the mountain clans had planned to add the addon.

As in previous games in the series, the player directs the actions of the heroes headed small detachments engaged in investigation and seizure of territories, the implementation of tasks and struggle with hostile militias. However, the gameplay is different from the previous parts, especially in the phase of combat.

All heroes have characteristics and skills that are taught with new levels of experience. Each level is given three points and two points of the characteristics, skills.

Thief, which the second part was only used for espionage and sabotage, became a full-fledged character. He, like other heroes can collect squad units, while increasing the level to develop their abilities. The ability to steal in stores was removed on-demand Strategy First (posčitavšej, that character is a thief instills a bad thought players; he was also renamed).

Removed media wands (responsible for terraforming). Instead they got special creatures. They are free to place special "wells" that are located in key locations global map. Put the guard on an empty point may any hero. Over time, the strength of these beings.

As for the second part of the game, Disciples III are subjects that heroes can wear to get specific bonuses, but now they will be displayed on the hero, besides the number of slots under the artifacts will increase from two to seven.
Disciples III Resurrection Game

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