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Alien Shooter 2 Game

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Review: Alien Shooter 2 is a computer game arcade game with elements of role-playing game developed by Sigma Team.  The Russian version of the game released in September 2006 a Russian - in February 2007.  It is a continuation of the popular game Alien Shooter which was published in 2003. He has several awards including "Our Choice" from 5 stars from and Game of the Year from

Alien Shooter 2 In summer 2007 released version called Alien Shooter 2. Gold Edition (Gold Edition).  It was released on the same DVD unlike the original version which is produced in two CD.  Gold Edition contains a patch to version 1.1 has no copy protection StarForce and running without the disc.  In addition to Alien Shooter 2 as a bonus on the disc is the first part of the game Alien Shooter with both addons Alien Shooter Fight for Life and Alien Shooter The Experiment.

Alien Shooter 2 In autumn 2008 came Alien Shooter 2 - Reloaded (the name of the West - Alien Shooter 2 - Reloaded) - version of the game made specifically for sale through the Internet on the shareware-scheme so that its distribution has a relatively small size (about 480 MB).  The size has been reduced by removing from play voice files (leaving only subtitles).  In this version simplified of RPG-system (cleaned skills weapons) change the number of cells for implants added two new levels (7 th and 8 th in a row) added GunStand mode which according to developers they are carefully balanced and honed.
Alien Shooter 2 Game 

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