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Batman Vengeance Game

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Review: Batman Vengeance is the Batman Guarding the City") - a multi-platform computer game in the genre action adventure developed by Ubisoft Montreal.  Warner Bros.  Games Montreal en and published by Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 2 Nintendo GameCube Xbox Windows and Game Boy Advance.  Created based on the animated series "The New Adventures of Batman."

Batman enters the factory the Joker mined and hostage rescues.  At the scene found a letter written by the Joker in which he indicated that destroy Batman.  Joker and Harley Quinn's mistress seize the factory where a criminal mastermind The Joker transformed.  Batman grabbed the Joker.  Joker fell into the sea having to miss this electric current through his armored gloves in Batman Harley rushed after him rescued by Batman.  Mr. Freeze freezes the laboratory where he worked once.  Batman enters the frozen building and found Mr. Freeze and promorozhennaya Dr. Isaac whom Freese thrust into the helicopter.  In Beth superhero pursues the helicopter in which Freese promorazhivaet everything in its path.  Superhero is Mr. Freeze with his cold-Miss and wins.  Batman enters the lair of the Ivy.  The hero finds an antidote in the poison ivy and gives Batman.  Batman enters the factory of toxic waste which was once the first time faced with the Joker.  Batman finds the Joker who sits in the airship and decides to escape.  Batman defuse the bomb and catch the Joker. 
Batman Vengeance Game

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