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Call Of Duty 1 Game

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Review: Call of Duty is a computer game in the genre of first-person shooter on the Second World War the first game in the series of the same name.  The game was developed by Infinity Ward and published by Activision October 29 2003 for the PC platform.  The game is based on the engine Id Tech 3. In September 2004 came addition Call of Duty United Offensive developed by Gray Matter Interactive together with Pi Studios.  The theme and gameplay Call of Duty like Medal of Honor which also consists of single missions and campaigns but unlike Medal of Honor the war can be seen not only through the eyes of an American soldier but also of the Soviet and British.

Call of Duty has both single player and multiplayer.  In the single-player game you can fight for one of three soldiers in World War II first you have to pass the job to an American paratrooper Private Joey Martin then for the British Sergeant Jack Evans and then the task of the Red Army and later junior sergeant then sergeant and the Red Army lieutenant Alexei  Ivanovich Voronin.

Before each task runs briefing in the form of excerpts from diaries orders or slide show with commentary.  To pass the task need to alternately perform all tasks.  All tasks are arranged in strict chronological order and go to another is possible only through preservation.  The game has autosave at certain points and manual save.

In the single-player game has four difficulty levels which differ in how many wounds can withstand the protagonist.  In the game there is a scale of life complementary kits which however are absent at the highest level of complexity "Veteran".  A player can simultaneously carry with it two major types of weapons a pistol type and 10 grenades and beat the butt of any weapons.  Some weapon types have several (usually two) shooting modes (eg single shots and bursts from the machine).  The stock of ammunition is limited but can be replenished at the expense of lying weapons of the same type (eg dropped out of the hands of a dead soldier).  The game has four Army the US the UK the Third Reich and the USSR.  They differ uniforms weapons the names of the soldiers and the type of speech.  The player helps the built-in compass screen interface with the designation of the mission objectives and friendly soldiers.  In some missions the player will have to destroy enemies sitting in the back of a rushing car shoot down attacking "pieces" of the anti-aircraft gun and drive a tank T-34.
Call Of Duty 1 Game

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