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Path of Exile Game

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Review: Path of Exile is a computer game in the style of hack and slash action\/RPG, developed by Grinding Gear Games. The game is based on the model of free-to-play and is supported through microtransactions. Available to purchase content does not affect the balance games and has only decorative effect. January 23, 2012 year started open beta testing and release game came out October 23, 2013 year. March 5, 2014 first year started open beta testing and release game came out October 23, 2013 year. March 5, 2014 year came the first major addon called "Sacrifice of the Vaal", reveals the details of the plot, and adds a few new locations, game mechanics and bosses. August 20, 2014 release was the second major addon called "Forsaken Masters" that extends the game a few new game mechanics and things. held July 10, 2015 global game update to version 2.0, "The Awakening", radically transforming the mechanics of leveling characters and adds a 4.
Character classes

Players can choose from seven available classes (last opened when passing the 3 acts), each of which has one or two main characteristics.Savage \ Marauder (Power)
    Huntress \ Ranger (Agility)
    Witch \ Witch (Intelligence)
    Gladiator \ Duelist (Strength\/Agility)
    Priest \ Templar (Strength\/Intellect)
    Bandit \ Shadow (Agility\/Intelligence)

Noblewoman \ Scion (Strength\/Agility\/Intelligence) Characters are not tied to their main characteristics and can develop, at the request of the player, in any direction.
Active skills

Unlike most games of this genre, in the Path of Exile active skills are presented in the form of gems that can be retrieved or found in the game. These gems can be inserted into any weapon or armor, and only then the player can use this skill. Each of the stones is developing along with the character. Once stone gets enough experience, the player is invited to increase the level of the stone by hand, because subsequent levels of stones increased requirements (e.g., amount of Mana used or skill level).
Path of Exile Game

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