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Aladdin Nasira Revenge Game

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Review: Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge is an arcade video game developed by Argonaut Games, explanations of the Disney cartoon. The legendary city of Agraba in danger again: wicked witch Nazira wants to avenge the death of his brother, the vizier Jafar. It will also amaze you with all the inhabitants of the Palace and kidnaps the Princess jasmine and the Sultan. Palace guards now serves it. Nazira is going to find some ancient relics gathered together, it could revive Jafar and take over the world. To save all, Aladdin should find these relics, and then come up with a plan to prevent the return of Jafar. Most of the game time a player spends on the levels. Aladdin management settings, respectively, can run, jump, attack the enemy and defend, glide across the surface, etc. At levels encountered enemies, which should kill (sometimes after their deaths appear items-coins, keys, bags juice Genie), pots (empty or containing something, usually coins), the genie lamp with useful information and other items (see section "Collected articles"). Sometimes the passage involves jumping over an abyss by platform (immovable and movable, isčezaûŝimsâ in a circle in the air, etc.), running under the walls, which periodically fall to the ground, jumping through the depression with knives and much more. In addition, levels contain Hoop Iago, from where the game continues in the case of death.
Aladdin Nasira Revenge Game

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