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Dead Space 3 Game

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Review: Dead Space 3 (Eng. Dead Space 3) is a science fiction computer game person shooter (c) elements of Survival horror, developed by Visceral Games. The third and last game of the series Dead Space of a planned trilogy. January 15, 2013 year closed demo-version is available only for users of the Xbox 360. 22 January demo version became available to all owners of Xbox 360 and PS3. The full version of the game was released February 5, 2013 year in America, February 7, 2013 year in Russia and in Europe February 8, 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Dead Space 3 was developed by Visceral engine Engine. The game was localized in Russia only at the level of subtitling.

The biggest innovation could be considered cooperative for two people. Multiplayer, presented in Dead Space 2. A second player can take control of John Carver and connect to Isaac in any save point. The cooperative version of the game seriously differs from solitary to pass it was wondering exactly together, interacting with each other (raise decommissioned comrade, share items from inventory, etc.). Periodically one of the characters will be happening hallucinations. It is notable that the second player will not see them. A player who has suffered hallucinations, can begin to shoot in different directions or even his team-mate. Depending, you play alone or in co-op, the game's plot will vary slightly. In single player, the second player does not replace bot, there's John Carver will appear periodically as new character. Some side quests are only available in co-op. They are all almost completely devoted to effects of obelisks on John Carver.
Dead Space 3 Game

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