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Fantastic Four Game

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Review: Fantastic Four The first superhero team comic book company Marvel Comics.  Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby they first appeared in the comic book The Fantastic Four # 1 released in 1961.  Comics on the Fantastic Four are among the most popular of all editions of the Marvel company on a par with Spider-Man X-Men and the Avengers. 
The result is a comic book The Fantastic Four the first issue of which came out in November 1961 1.  According to Lee and Jack Kirby Fantastic Four superheroes reminiscent Quartet DC Comics Messengers of uncertainty although they unlike the Quartet did not have superpowers.  Both teams emerged against the backdrop of the Cold War which made their creators to adapt the already existing concept of a superhero for a new period 2.  Marvel held a number of successful innovations abandoned the usual hiding personality characters added to the human team mutated into a monster;  the characters themselves quarreling among themselves and complaining about what was later called the concept of "superheroes in the real world" 3.
Fantastic Four Game

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