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Kill Switch Game

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Review: Kill Switch video game genre of third-person shooter developed by Namco in 2003 for the PlayStation 2 Xbox and PC.  Version for Game Boy Advance was created independently by Namco for the agreement with Destination Software and released in 2004.

The most distinctive feature of the Kill Switch is a system of shelters.  A character can hide behind various objects and angles shooter similar to Namco Time Crisis and WinBack company Koei as well as being to make sharp rifts to quickly withdraw from the firing line.  Kill Switch was the first game in which the main mechanics were just sheltering and evasion and the first game in which it is possible to shoot at enemies blind. Protagonist of the game - a remote-controlled super-soldier Nick Bishop.  Most of the game is controlled by man Nick known as the "controller" using a direct neural connection to Bishop.  Suppressed memories soldier sometimes break through causing Controller headaches.  Hero says some woman and the phrase "Say my name."
Kill Switch Game

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