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Mars War Logs Game

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Review: Mars: the War Logs computer game publisher Focus Home Interactive, developer of the Spiders, the genre of Action\/RPG game with elements of Cyberpunk, the game was released for Microsoft Windows platforms, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. The game was released April 26, 2013.
The events of the game take place on Mars, after the great upheaval. Powerful guild started the war for the remaining water on Mars, and the strongest of them-"Aurora" and "abundance". A player playing for Roy temperance, escaped prisoner who was embroiled in a confrontation between these two factions. So he will fight monsters, which spawned the radiation on Mars.
"Aurora" is a new company of the major water companies. In the beginning the company was small and consisted of independent researchers water pioneers. The founders wanted to find new sources of water use and old sources and to explore new territories. But because of the catastrophe in which technology had been lost and the Martian Sun from which suffered population forced the company to change its plans. After the small victories with Aurora lazohodcami became a party to the conflict between water companies in the fight for the remaining water sources. "Aurora" is different from other companies in the fields of philosophy, political and military tactics. The company uses mysticism and faith that appeared during the Turmoil. Religious ideology is so strongly rooted in the "Aurora" that every child who is born must be called "virtuous name" which will manage all his life. Cult and rituals have penetrated into people's lives, especially in recent times, they also broke into a Government that governs, then that now in the Government a lot of Tehnomanserov. The size and power of the Aurora is not only allows the company to compete with other water companies, but also ensures its future dominance.
Mars War Logs Game

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