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Postal 2 Share The Pain Game

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Review: Postal 2 - a computer game in the genre of shooter from the first person developed by an independent company Running with Scissors Inc .. Russian localization performed by Akella. The protagonist of the game - Dude (angl. The Dude the full name of The Postal Dude Junior Junior Dude Messenger 1) is home to a working week in Paradise (angl. Paradise Paradise literally) and makes the most ordinary actions buy milk cashes the check  in the bank.  However each task can be solved in different ways.

Based on the game in 2007 Uwe Boll film was "Postal".  official add-ons came out in 2005 to Postal 2 - sequel entitled Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend and spin-offs Postal 2 Corkscrew zhzhot.  In November 2011 he released a spin-off from a third party - Postal III and in April 2015 was released additions to Postal 2 entitled Postal 2 Paradise Lost which is the official continuation and Postal 2 Postal 2 Apocalypse Weekend.

For a couple of days before the event Dude with his wife and dog Champ came to live in the city of Paradise to Dude engaged in the development of computer games in the company of Running with Scissors Inc.  (Judging by the conversation with Vince Desi Dude by artist profession).  On Monday in the morning on Dude falls hail of problems - air conditioning does not work the wife needs to perform some errands to go to work Champ accident relieve themselves directly to the host boots (for which he received a kick) and in addition the car broke down.  Also his wife recalls the gravel path ( «Rocky Road» translated as "gravel path" is actually a variety of ice cream).  On Monday Dude performs the following tasks from the list of his wife

Cheque is in the office of the head of the company Running With Scissors.  Near the entrance to the headquarters of a demonstration of opponents of violent games in orange T-shirts with the words "Parents of decency."  Arriving at work for the check the protagonist discovers that the head of the company is really just played the Dude and removes him from his work.  Once Dude picks up the check demonstrators take out weapons and attacking the building.  The battle begins where you can take part and you can just run away.  Since then the Dude becomes a sworn enemy opponents of video games and during the game they will show aggression to it at any meeting.
Postal 2 Share The Pain Game

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