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Review: Rogue Trooper is a game developed by Rebellion Developments and published by Eidos Interactive in the year 2006. The game is a sci-fi-thriller from a third party (third-person shooter). Currently support online games stopped. Perhaps a sequel. The player will take part in the conflict between North and South (North) (South), controlling the genetic infantry soldier (Genetic Infantry, GI) named Rogue (Rogue). Using futuristic outfit kind of knapsack-Assistant, multifunctional rifles and biochips, personality the contouring, the player must kill the traitor General reporting North landing coordinates the genetic infantry. The game implements a full system, computer intelligence is average, as well as many styles of passing and tactical possibilities. 

After the devastation of World War II on Earth had the military-political balance between the two blocs-the totalitarian North Union (Germany and Russia) and democratic South Confederation (United States, United Kingdom and some other countries). In pursuit of excellence, both sides began active colonization of space. When it was discovered that black holes can be used for instant navigation sverhsvetovyh kolonizirovannaĆ¢ southerners planet new Earth (Nu-Earth) located in a system of two stars and the black hole, has become a key strategic importance. The Northern Alliance attempted to recapture valuable system.
Rogue Trooper

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