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Monday, 27 June 2016

Warcraft 3 Reign Of Chaos

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Review: Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos a computer game in the genre of real-time strategy with elements of RPG. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment with the support of Vivendi Universal and released in July 2002.Warcraft III was one of the most anticipated games: more than 4.5 million pre-orders and more than one million copies of the game sold less than a month, making it the fastest selling off the PC game at that time. She was met with many positive reviews, and some publications have noted the game titles of "Best Game of the Year" and "Best Strategy of the Year". Also, the game has received high evaluation of the players. The weekly chart of sales from NPD Techworld game ranked first two months.Unlike previous games in the series, the number of warring parties has increased from two to four: you can play for the already well-known Alliance and the Horde, as well as two new races - the Undead and Night Elves. However, the overall gameplay has not changed - the player all the same need to collect resources, build bases and recruit troops to destroy the enemy. Innovation was the characters - Unique soldiers with special skills and are able to gain experience by killing enemy soldiers. Game campaign begins 12 years after the events of Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, and tells of the coming of the demons in the world of Azeroth.The game comes complete with Editor World Editor cards, through which there was a set of cards in the informal network, in which the gameplay is completely different from the usual. One of the most popular cards became DotA: Allstars, also have developed many other modifications, such as the Tower Defense, Hero Survival, etc. A year later the game was released addition, The Frozen Throne, which has also become popular with players and got a lot of positive reviews.
Warcraft 3 Reign Of Chaos

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