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Warlock Master Of The Arcane

Review: Warlock Master Of The Arcane - a computer game in the genre of turn-based strategy developed by Ino-Co Plus and published May 8 2012 by Paradox Interactive. Warlock Master Of The Arcane» is based on the world of Ardania known for the series Majesty games.  The player assumes the role of the Great Mage building a powerful magical empire having the ability to control the armies and use magic in the struggle for the absolute ruler of the world title.

The game is most similar to the «Master of Magic» turn-based strategy which appeared in the mid-1990s.  In «Warlock Master Of The Arcane» the player can not only win at the expense of military victories but after spending a ritual Unity capturing all the sacred places or killing the avatar of one of the eight gods of Ardania. The game is distributed exclusively via digital distribution. At the time of the game is the multiplayer mode was not implemented but was scheduled for future DLC.
Warlock Master Of The Arcane

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