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Chrome SpecForce Game

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Review: The game takes place in July 2172 on the planet Estrella controlled corporation Lorgues (LoreGen).  Bolt Logan as part of a Special Forces conducting a secret operation against the corporation the suspect in the production of illegal drugs.
Bolt Logan (you play) is trained on the basis of Special Forces located on the planet Nol- 5. There he was taught to crack passwords to drive a car controlled with a weapon and bronekostyum.  At the end of his mission urgently calls Colonel Northwood Logan sits on the spaceship and flies off to perform sensitive operations.
Logan and his partner Poynter arriving on the shuttle to the planet to destroy Estrella laboratory engaged in the production of drugs.  Their actions are coordinated by Colonel Northwood which together with the rest of the team is on the orbit of the planet in a spaceship.  At first Logan and Poynter making their way to the building called the perimeter of the base where Logan cracking computer downloads the base plan and the objects located on it.  Pointer with a sniper rifle covers Logan from the roof while he sets explosives on key Base objects.  By doing this they go to the site where the mercenaries blow their shuttle.  Along the way they have interrupted communication with the ship on which the Colonel Northwood.  He makes it clear that the ship was attacked and killed and because the operation was secret it could mean a betrayal of the summit.  This same version was confirmed by recording on the PDA mercenary commanders where the warning of a possible invasion and ordered them to strengthen protection.
Chrome SpecForce Game

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