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Review: Daemonica is a 3D action-adventure game with RPG elements that was developed by Czech companies RA Images and Cinemax. The game is divided into 5 acts. Cinemax and RA Images planned a sequel to the game but it was cancelled.
Daemonica tells a story of Haresh al-Dorem, the beast hunter, who is known as Nicholas Farepoynt. In the prologue, the player finds out that Nicholas was born as Nicholas Mortimer a son of Roger Mortimer and queen Isabella. who were responsible for the death of King Edward II of England. When Mortimer was executed, Nicholas was sent to a church in France and was renamed Farepoynt. He later became a mercenary and joined the English army in the Hundred Years' War. When he returned to England he met Clarice, a beast hunter. Beast hunters hunt serial killers and other "human beasts". They have knowledge of an ancient language of Daemonica. It allows them to call a demon Dahn-en-nyan the soul bearer who can help them to talk with the dead if they know certain facts about the dead. Hunters can also call a demon Marghet-en-dryat who can bring the dead back but there is no known case of a hunter surviving the ritual. Clarice taught Nicholas until they worked on a case in York. Clarice made a mistake that cost her life. Nicholas then received a letter from a Mayor of the small town of Cavorn where a couple had disappeared.
Daemonica Game

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