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Dragon Age 2 Game

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Review: Dragon Age 2 a Computer role-playing game in the genre of dark fantasy developed by Canadian studio BioWare.  Continued role game Dragon Age Origins published in November 2009 and has received numerous awards.  The game was released for Microsoft Windows Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 March 8 2011 1 in Europe the release on 11 March. 
The game take place during the 7 years (including the prologue - 8) in parallel and after the events of the first part - Beginning.  The main character is a man Hawke family who fleeing from Mora along with his family runs from Lotering in the Free Marches where he became the Defender Kirkwall.  History tells another Hawk - dwarf Warrick who interrogated Truth Seeker Cassandra clearly interested in some events from the life of Hawke.  From gnome story becomes known as Hawk became a hero a defender.  Hawke will suppress the slave trade fight Qunari and resolve the conflict between mages and templars.

The game Hawk visited places Dragon Age world as the Free Marches Lotering neighborhood as well as the Deep Roads. In fact the action of the game consists of a prologue showing Lotering escape from and arriving in Kirkwall and three acts each of which describes the life of Hawke in Kirkwall.  Many storylines and quests chains pass through all three parts.
Dragon Age 2 Game

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