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Neighbour From Hell 1 Game

Review: Neighbours from Hell in the localization known as Neighbours from Hell is a computer arcade game.  The main objective of the game is revenge neighbor.  Hero of the need to find items and use them to harm a neighbor.  In one game there are 14 episodes. The game has 14 episodes divided into 3 seasons of varying complexity and in front of them - and even three pilot (preparatory) an episode allowing the player to a deeper understanding of all the nuances of the game.  The first season consists of 6 episodes.  In it the player is available kitchen living room hall and bathroom.  In the second season there are only 4 episodes and the player bedroom and balcony open.  The third season as well as the second consists of 4 episodes the player opens the office and cellar.  In each episode the player controlling the actions of Woody using the left mouse button you need to search the house Sauceda find useful items and then use them to adjust the dirty tricks.  And many of these dirty tricks (eg filing chair legs or throwing a banana peel on the floor) in real life can cause major damage to property and health sometimes with fatal consequences.
Neighbour From Hell 1 Game

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