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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Fieldrunners 2 Game

Review: Fieldrunners 2 continuation of the game Fieldrunners in the genre of tower defense from the company Subatomic Studios.  The game was originally written for the iPhone and iPod Touch 1 and published July 19 2012 as an exclusive for iOS.  January 10 2013 the game became available on Steam.
Fieldrunners 2 is available 25 levels spread over 4 different locations.  At the beginning of each level the player has to select up to 6 types of towers and up to 3 types of assistive devices with the help of which it will stop the invaders.  Also in the game are available for each level 3 difficulty levels normal (casual) complex (tough) and heroic (heroic).  As in any other game of this genre players will buy towers and place them on the way of running enemies.

There are several types of cards
Survival (Survival) Classic Mode for the tower defense genre games.  It is necessary to destroy the enemy by all available means.  The game ends when the number of successfully escaped opponents to reach 20. The strength of the opponents is dependent on the level of complexity of the card.
Sudden death (Sudden Death) is required to kill a certain number of enemies (depending on the difficulty level).  The game ends when the number of successfully escaped the opponents to reach the three.
Fieldrunners 2 Game

Drox Operative Game

Review: Drox Operative Game Pc Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Drox Operative Game Game Is Very Interesting Game To Play And Enjoy. Drox Operative Game Pc Video Game 100% Working And Tested Links Of Full Drox Operative Game Video Game. Make Sure Before Downloading You Pc Laptop Meats Minimum System Requirements To Play The Drox Operative Game Video Game Perfectly. Lets Download And Enjoy Drox Operative Game Full Video Game From Darkgamingzone.Com And Share Our Site For More Reviews Of Games Free. Support Us To Share Our Site To Your Friends And Social Network Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Scoop It.
Drox Operative Game

E Y E Divine Cybermancy Game

Review: E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy is the computer game in the genre of role-playing and first-person shooter, developed by the French company Streum On Studio development team of 12 people and is based on the Source engine company Valve. Action E.Y.E .: Divine Cybermancy takes place in a dystopian future, and includes themes of cyberpunk. The game is based on the role-playing game AVA, developed Streum On Studio in 1998.
EYE Divine Cybermancy develops in a dystopian future after a complicated series of events.  The human race is embroiled in an interplanetary conflict between the mysterious and inexplicable race of creatures psionic force known as meta-streumonic.  As a result of wars to achieve victory humanity united in a mega-corporation entered into an alliance with one of the alien races and get new technology and knowledge.
The player takes on the role of E.Y.E. unit member secretive and elite army endowed with psychic abilities and cyber-implants.  The division is based warriors monks secret order Secreta Secretorum.  With access to advanced technology each member of the Order is a mixture of Cybernetics (implants) psi-training and the DNA acquired from a single being grasped and killed the mysterious and advanced civilization.
E Y E Divine Cybermancy Game

Oni Game

Review: Oni is the only computer game developed by the studio Bungie West a division of Bungie.  The game is made in the action genre combining the qualities of a third-person shooter and the possibility of unarmed combat.  In 1999 she received the Game Critics Award as the best game in the action / adventure genre.  Exit Games was held in 2001.
In 2032 the Earth is heavily contaminated with radioactive waste people have to live in cities air quality is maintained where "atmospheric complexes."  More and more areas outside the cities and complexes are dangerous contaminated by toxic and radioactive waste.  Transnational corporations are thriving thanks to relentless focus on profits.  One of them a criminal organization "Syndicate" - plans to destroy all atmospheric systems to sell people a special biological implants krizality (English daodan chrysalis -. Daodan krizalit) that can protect people from radiation and other effects due to mutation carrier.  Department on struggle against technological crimes - TCTF 2 (Eng Technology Crimes Task Force.) - For a long time watching the Syndicate and directs special agent Conoco to clarify their plans.
Oni Game

Worms 3D Game

Review: Worms 3D is Turn-based three-dimensional computer game genre artillery elements of the strategy developed by Team17 and published by Sega.  Worms 3D - this is the first three-dimensional game of Worms series of games.  The game also added new weapons new missions and some modified type of game.
In Worms 3D game modes are present such as in the previous games of the series namely the campaign quick game teaching and competitions.  In addition to individual games there is a possibility of collective game and the game on the network.  The player can create his own team customize it (choose your favorite super weapon the voice acting team create your own names for each of the worm).
The goal - to destroy all enemy worms but in campaign mode the player will have to perform special missions.  The actual gameplay is not very different from the series predecessors with the exception of the three-dimensional measurement which gives the player more freedom and more opportunities.  As in the previous series the game has completely destructible environments which greatly affects the gameplay (the player can create tunnels pits under other enemy worms etc.).
Worms 3D Game

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Undertale Game

Undertale Full Version Free Download, Undertale PC Game, Undertale Download Game PC Full Version, Undertale Download, Undertale Free Download, Undertale Full PC Game, Undertale Game Rip, Undertale Highly Compressed, Undertale Direct Link
Review: Undertale (also written as UnderTale and UNDERTALE; «Underground Tale") - role-playing video game developed by American composer Toby Fox (born Toby Fox.) And released September 15 2015 in the digital distribution service Steam.  The story and soundtrack he wrote Toby Fox design besides it is also engaged Tammy Chang (Eng. Temmie Chang).  In Undertale player controls a child exploring the fictional Dungeons (English Underground.) An extensive enclosed area which is under the ground.  Residents of the Dungeons are called "monsters" (eng. Monsters) a group of a variety of intelligent beings humans exiled from the surface after a long war with them.  The child interacts with various monsters in search of the way out with the player has a choice to kill them or be friends with them.  The player's choice greatly affects the final outcome of the game depending on the player decisions are changing the dialogue and the final scene of the game.  The game received positive criticism particularly its plot and characters.  Critics praised the intuitive combat system the contrast between the witty humor and grim story Breaking the fourth wall as well as references to older role-playing games.
Undertale Game

Scrap Mechanic Game

Review: Scrap Mechanic PC Video Game Full & Final Latest Game Setup In A Single Direct Link 100% Work Supports All Windows OS (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Scrap Mechanic PC Video Game 100% Working And Tested Links Of Full Scrap Mechanic Video Game. Scrap Mechanic Game Is Very Interesting Game To Play And Enjoy. Lets Download And Enjoy Scrap Mechanic Full Video Game From Darkgamingzone.Com And Share Our Site For More Reviews Of Games Free. Support Us To Share Our Site To Your Friends And Social Network Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Scoop It. Make Sure Before Downloading You PC Laptop Meats Minimum System Requirements To Play The Scrap Mechanic Video Game Perfectly. Enjoy and Share Our Site For More Reviews of Games.
Scrap Mechanic Game

Cricket Captain 2015 Game

Cricket Captain 2015 Full Version Free Download, Cricket Captain 2015 PC Game, Cricket Captain 2015 Download Game PC Full Version, Cricket Captain 2015 Download, Cricket Captain 2015 Free Download, Cricket Captain 2015 Full PC Game, Cricket Captain 2015 Game Rip, Cricket Captain 2015 Highly Compressed, Cricket Captain 2015 Direct Link
Review: They can be moved to the other teams by getting money. A great manager is a person who can change the normal players to the famous ones. If the player wants to get a Cricket Player in Cricket Captain 2015, There should be enough money for that. Winning the matches can be a good way for earning money. Transferring the members in the right time can be a good way too. You should use good tactics for the team. Otherwise, They will lose the games.
By winning the tournaments, Your team will turn into an honorable team in the world. Your main goal is to win the tournaments one by one. The playgrounds have been designed well in Cricket Captain 2015. You shouldn’t expect high graphics from the developers. Because this is a management game.

Features of Cricket Captain 2015:
    Enjoy playing cricket in England with your team
    Create your cricket team to join the tournaments
    27 playable teams in three formats
    Transfer new players from the transfer market to make your team a powerful one

Minimum System Requirements:
    OS: Windows Vista/7/8
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: A graphics card that support Open GL 2.0
    Hard Drive: 500 MB
Cricket Captain 2015 Game

Download EA Sports CRICKET 2017 Full Version Direct Link

CRICKET 2017 Full Version Free Download, CRICKET 2017 PC Game, CRICKET 2017 Download Game PC Full Version, CRICKET 2017 Download, CRICKET 2017 Free Download, CRICKET 2017 Full PC Game, CRICKET 2017 Game Rip, CRICKET 2017 Highly Compressed, CRICKET 2017 Direct Link
Game Description:
1. Cricket 17 contains (12 Indians, 6 Pakistanis, 3 UAE, 3 Australian, 3 England, 2 South African, 2 New Zealand & 1 Stadium of Sri Lanka, West Indies, Bangladesh & Zimbabwe) stadiums.
2. International Teams, A Teams, IPL, BBL, PSL, CPL,(Afridi & Misbah XI, Kohli & Dhoni XI), ICC Asia & World XI (ODI,T20,Test) & Admins XI Teams Included.
3. Tournaments:
a) ICC World Cup (2015 & 2016), ICC Champions Trophy, Carlton Mid ODI/T20 Series, Cricket 17 Test Championship, Cricket 17 ODI/T20 Championship, Cricket 17 Champions & Super Leagues.
4. Hard & Challenging Gameplay for 5 Star players.
5. Ball will swing, seam & spin & CPU will bat aggressively.
6. Latest Kits, Faces etc. of all teams...Future updates will be post on page.
7. HD Game menu & Exciting Cricket music jukebox (35 Songs).
8. Different music will play during match & on every boundary & Wicket.....
a). World Cup 2015 will be played in Australia & England.
b). T20 World Cup 2016 will be played in Pakistan & India...
c). Both fixtures files will be given separately.
d). Paste your desired fixture (T20 or 50 over world cup) in Cricket 17 folder & Play.
9. There are 3 rosters (Squad) in Game, Load your desired roster (T20,ODI &Test) before playing any match or tournament.
10. And lot more........
See Game Pictures below to get more info about game.
Credit: Different stuff used in this game are belong to Modders of (a2 studios, gm studios, syed stuff), mattw, VDQuint & rofijee
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