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Fieldrunners 2 Game

Review: Fieldrunners 2 continuation of the game Fieldrunners in the genre of tower defense from the company Subatomic Studios.  The game was originally written for the iPhone and iPod Touch 1 and published July 19 2012 as an exclusive for iOS.  January 10 2013 the game became available on Steam.
Fieldrunners 2 is available 25 levels spread over 4 different locations.  At the beginning of each level the player has to select up to 6 types of towers and up to 3 types of assistive devices with the help of which it will stop the invaders.  Also in the game are available for each level 3 difficulty levels normal (casual) complex (tough) and heroic (heroic).  As in any other game of this genre players will buy towers and place them on the way of running enemies.

There are several types of cards
Survival (Survival) Classic Mode for the tower defense genre games.  It is necessary to destroy the enemy by all available means.  The game ends when the number of successfully escaped opponents to reach 20. The strength of the opponents is dependent on the level of complexity of the card.
Sudden death (Sudden Death) is required to kill a certain number of enemies (depending on the difficulty level).  The game ends when the number of successfully escaped the opponents to reach the three.
Fieldrunners 2 Game

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