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The Suffering Ties That Bind Game

Review: The Suffering Ties That Bind a computer game in the genre of Action and Survival horror 2005 developed by Surreal Software and published by Midway Games.  In Russia published by New Disc in two language versions.  The game is a sequel to The Suffering. Memories of the past.  Tork communicates with a game of chess with his friend Miles who tells him about Blackmore.  Suddenly he comes Blackmore - the prison authority and a few people from his gang.  Blackmore tells beat Torquay and Miles and he leaves.  Suddenly prison inmates raise a rebellion.  The gate from the observation deck opened and the prisoners flee but then closed separating Miles and Torquay each other.  Tork is moving deeper into the block in one of the corridors of his lock.  Blackmore and his men appears.  Tork them straightened and the first time in this part again turns into a monster.  But Blackmore does not allow him to overcome himself.
The Suffering Ties That Bind Game

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