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Frontlines Fuel Of War Game

Review: Frontlines Fuel of War a computer game in the genre of tactical first-person shooter that was released on February 25 2008.  It was developed by Kaos Studios (formerly known as Trauma Studios creators of Desert Combat which worked - popular modification for Battlefield 1942) and published by THQ.

The Frontlines Fuel Of War Game takes place in 2024 against the backdrop of the global energy crisis.  With the depletion of oil and natural gas diplomatic relations between the East and the West have deteriorated and the threat of war has led to the formation of two military units the United States and the European Union have made the Western Coalition (English Western Coalition.) While Russia and China have created the Union of the Red Star (Eng.  Red Star Alliance).  In the game mode for single player which consists of seven main "missions" the protagonists are the soldiers of the 125th Shock Division Western coalition known as the "Stray Dogs" (eng. Stray Dogs).  One of the characters is a war correspondent attached to the order.

Frontlines Fuel Of War Game Aimed at protecting the controlled Western coalition refinery in Turkmenistan "Stray Dogs" get ambushed by the Red Star Army.  Later the action moves to the southern Kazakhstan where characters capture the enemy tank factory.  In parallel in the world there is the Chinese invasion of Taiwan and riots in the United States.  In Soviet cosmodrome in northern Kazakhstan "Stray Dogs" witness tactical nuclear strike on the Union.

Although the war in Europe is for the Western coalition successfully intelligence learns about plans for the Union to run from the territory of Russia for an intercontinental nuclear missile capacity in the "thirteen hundred Hiroshima."  "Stray dogs" manages to capture the underground silos and stop the run closing the sunroof sash - the rocket explodes together with all those who did not have time to evacuate.  Action last game missions takes place in covered fighting Moscow "Stray Dogs" after the fall of the city triumphant victory but the military correspondent reminds his comrades that the war is not over in spite of the defeat of Russia Western forces have yet to deal with the resistance movement while China collects  huge army at the border.
Frontlines Fuel Of War Game

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