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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough

Review: Medal of Honor Allied Assault is a computer game genre of three-dimensional first-person shooter developed by the US company in 2015 Inc.  and published by EA.  The game is the third in a series of Medal of Honor and the first which appeared on the PC.

Protagonist of the Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Game the US Army Lieutenant Mike Powell (Michael Randle Powell Junior) in the service of the first battalion of Rangers. The game begins in North Africa November 7 1942.  Immediately after landing in Algiers task force under the command of Captain Richards captures two trucks and sent to the coastal village.  After the destruction of the group includes Mike Powell lighthouse to start landing.  In the future the hero visits a secret base in Norway and is involved in "Overlord".
Game process

Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Game a standard first-person shooter.  Player moves by the so-called "corridor levels" and destroy enemies encountered on the way.  Mission provide for the salvation of the prisoners and carrying out acts of sabotage.

The Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Game is not typical for such games mission that made the project very popular.  For example covert penetration into enemy territory the player is dressed in German uniforms documents and is almost free to move on the enemy base.  In some levels the mission taking place in the fast-riding truck with which you want to fire.  The campaign "Tiger Day" in the two missions the player controls a tank
Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Breakthrough Game

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