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Saturday, 3 September 2016

Shrek 2 Team Action Game

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Review: Shrek 2 Team Action is a video game based on the animated film Shrek 2. The game is in addition to the Shrek 2 game. Player can play as Shrek or his 9 friends throughout the game and travel through 11 levels.  Throughout the game there is the possibility of switching between the 4 characters available on each level.  At the end of each level there is a special mini-game for one character - the so-called Hero's Time (Time of the Hero).  There are also two levels completely consisting of mini-games.  They do not have the Hero of Time and the level can be completed only in the performance of a certain number of jobs.
Legend of icons The arrow in the red circle - a space two swords in the blue circle - the Enter star in a green circle - the Shift and hand in a yellow circle - the key F. In the game "Madagascar" are the same images but Battle with Puss-in-Boots is dedicated to a whole level.  On it you can not switch between characters and beat the "traditional methods". At this level if a character dies the other character performs his "work" (each character has its own key sequence).  After the battle all the dead characters come to life.
Shrek 2 Team Action Game

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