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TrackMania Turbo Game

Review: TrackMania Turbo Game A series of arcade Racing game for Windows Nintendo DS and Wii.  PC version was developed by the French company Nadeo.  Instead of the usual practice of choosing a car and the track for the race TrekManiya allows you to play on their own tracks created using the block design in the spirit of the game Stunts.  Increasingly popular series earned thanks to the release of free parts.  Due to this it is a popular eSports discipline.  The game has seven environments Snow Desert Rally Island Bay Coast and Stadium.
A distinctive feature of the game is the use of open specifications and open format that allows you to modify the game add ons write scripts.  And all the changes are available to all players to other players who have these modifications have not been established.  For example it is possible
     create new models and car coloring (3DS and DDS format)
     use avatars
     create visual modifications
     create new tracks (using a text editor or in-game)
     use in-game editor cameras
     use text formatting (eg nickname)
     use scripts to the server (counter records visual design and so forth.)
TrackMania Turbo Game

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