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Air Conflicts Vietnam Game

Review: Air Conflicts Vietnam Game a computer game a tactical third-person shooter on the events of the Vietnam War developed by Pivotal Games.  The third game in the Conflict series.  In Russia published by Buka.  The localization of a huge number of profanity.

The Air Conflicts Vietnam game's plot develops in the January-February 1968 beginning on the eve of Tet Offensive and ending with the capture of the citadel of Hue.  The unit of the 101st Airborne Division arrive cadet medical Harold Keller who had just graduated from university.  At the military base he meets with his sergeant and two other soldiers.  After a brief training they are sent to the aid of friendly units but in the jungle their squad cut Vietcong attack.  And here it begins the struggle but not so much for the victory in the war as for the salvation of their own lives.

Here the four fighters over 14 missions will visit witnessed the burning napalm villages where they were shot from a helicopter firing points batteries manage various armored vehicles to break through the ambush. Air Conflicts Vietnam Game Unlike previous games in the series this does not disclose the reasons for the war and does not allow moral assessments of the warring parties.  The story describes the only month in the history of the war where four simple soldier as "cannon fodder" desperately trying to survive in the Vietnamese jungle fighting the vastly superior forces of ubiquitous and practically invisible enemies.
 Air Conflicts Vietnam Game

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