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Angels vs Devils Game

Review: Angels vs Devils Game a popular multiplayer online browser game.  BC Among these games on the Web was one of the first.  The first was the game Tale (although very different gameplay PvE battles traveling the world quests).  Then came the game Way of the Warrior (with PvP battles) players who subsequently founded the BC.

The minimum requirement Angels vs Devils Game for the start of the game is Internet access.  BC client is usually a browser can act (currently a browser that supports the game are Internet Explorer as well as browsers that use the Internet Explorer engine Maxthon Avant Browser and many clients designed specifically for BC).  The aim is to develop an individual player's own virtual character.  The development is carried out at the expense of long-term participation of the player in the game process (participation in the battle) and can be accelerated by the (optional) investing real money in the project.  Players who invest in his character a lot of money (a few tens of thousands of euros) get a huge advantage over the rest.  However in 2006-2007 the administration has committed itself to engage in a project of so-called casual gamers thereby causing a significant outflow "old" players. 2

Angels vs Devils Game In 2004 2005 and 2006 the game "Fight Club" became the winner of Runet Award in the category "entertainment project Runet". In 2004 Konstantin Brysin (BC Director General) became the winner of the "Man of the Year" project by Rambler in the "Games". In 2007 Konstantin Brysin resigned as Diamond Scent Ltd general director of the company which is the owner of BK.
Angels vs Devils Game

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