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Dark Sector Game

Review: Dark Sector is a computer game developed by the Canadian company Digital Extremes.  International publisher of console versions is the Japanese company D3 Publisher;  Company "New Disc" localizer and publisher of the Russian language made.  The game went on sale in spring 2008 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3;  version for PC was released on 22 January 2009 in Russia (in the box) and 23 March 2009 is now available for sale in English and French through the digital distribution service Steam.

The game takes place in an alternate future in the fictional country Lasri (Eng. Lasria) Russian satellite country.  In Soviet times Lasri an outbreak of a dangerous virus the so-called  "Tehnotsita" converting living beings in aggressive mutants gradually accumulate the metal and evolving.  Over time these mutants acquire various supernatural powers.  Later contamination was suppressed by troops and some samples of the virus creature needed for the experiments were closed in a special laboratory.

Some time later a new infection begins in Lasri what guilty Mezner former CIA agent who became a traitor for profit.  His attempts to remove the main character a member of Special Forces of the US Army Hayden Tenno (Eng. Hayden Tenno).  During the operation he is infected with the virus.  This leads to the fact that his hand is cluttered with metal and its continuation becomes Glaive special throwing weapons.  The protagonist makes its way through the crowd of mutants and soldiers to eliminate the danger.
Dark Sector Game

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