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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Review: GTA VI Game Grand Theft Auto VI For the first time in the history of the series in the game there are just three main characters which can be selected at almost any time. In some missions available two players in some missions the player throws at the other characters in the script.  Choosing a character is carried out using a circular selector where the lower fourth sector reserved for the character created by the player in the Grand Theft Auto Online. All in the game 62 main missions and numerous side.  Since the mission of the robbery can take place in several ways and the game has three endings the number of primary missions increased to.

Grand Theft Auto VI GTA VI Game Overview:

In Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) Game For the first time in the series the main characters have special skills giving them an advantage over other heroes.  Franklin - slowing down time while riding public transportation which gives an advantage in the maneuverability.  To fill the scale of Franklin skills necessary to gain maximum speed of transport to avoid accidents or driving in the opposite lane.  Michael - slowing down time during the shooting which facilitates aiming.  To fill Michael skills scale required to drive at high speed to eliminate the enemy in close combat or kill shot in the head.  At Trevor - fits of rage thanks to which it deals damage to enemies twice as much and he gets half.  Scale Trevor skills is filled when he kills enemies making shots in the head drives at high speed and takes damage.

GamePlay Video GTA 6 Game:

More From  Grand Theft Auto VI GTA VI Game:

In GTA 6 Game Michael Franklin and Trevor start the game with a different set of personal performance.  As characters gain experience grow and their performance and this in turn improve their skills improves reaction speed and endurance.  The more the player uses the skill the corresponding figure is growing rapidly.  For example if Michael to fly on a helicopter it will increase the flight indicator.  And personal indicators specific to each of the characters that is if Franklin is a lot riding on a vehicle driving figure will rise only he Michael and Trevor this characteristic remains unchanged.
Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI) Game

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game

Review: Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game multi platform game in the genre of first-person shooter with RPG elements and stealth action developed by the Canadian company Eidos Montreal and published by the Japanese holding company Square Enix.  It is a continuation of the game Deus Ex Human Revolution published in 2011.  Announcement of the game took place April 8 2015 and the output of the game took place on August 23 2016 on Microsoft Windows platforms PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 1.  for SteamOS Version (Linux) appeared November 3 2016 2.  Mankind Divided action unfolds in 2029 - two years after the events of Human Revolution and 23 years before the events of the first Deus Ex game.  The main hero of the game is still the Adam Jensen. 3  In Russia and the CIS game it was published by "Buka" and went out completely in Russian. 

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game Story:

The first rumors about the development of a new part of the series came when the March 27 2014 Square Enix has registered a new trademark called «Deus Ex Mankind Divided».  In October of the same year it was confirmed that the work on the new part of the game really is carried out 5.

More From Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game:

April 6 2015 by Square Enix online translation service Twitch launched a project called Can not Kill Progress - a game in an alternate reality designed to advertise their new unknown at that time the product 6.  The broadcast lasted until 8 April and during the entire time the viewer is invited to solve puzzles in order to get more information about what is happening and to vote for some scenarios.  Mankind Divided announcement was to be held at the end of the broadcast but the Russian site "Kanobu" dedicated to the game category received published screenshots of the new game a day earlier 7 8.  The materials were removed from the site after a few minutes but the reference to them is preserved in Google's cache allowing the leak quickly spread in the network.  According to the "Kanobu" on materials derived from "own source" was not embargoed because technically no violations on the part of the site has not been 9.  Almost at the same time there was a leak of information about the game on the Internet Explorer Game Informer which later acquired the right for one month to publish exclusive content related to Mankind Divided 10 11.

August 31 2015 developers officially announced the release date for the game Deus Ex Mankind Divided - February 23 2016 the game will be on PS4 PC and Xbox One.  Prior to October 2015 operated program "Augmentiruy your pre-order" according to which developers had to release the game in 4 days earlier at a certain level of pre-orders. 12  Later the program was shut down due to anger players and all the extras (except for early release) were included in the normal pre-order 13.  Later the game's release date was postponed to August 23 to modify the game to an appropriate species.
Deus Ex Mankind Divided Game

Dishonored 2 Game

Review: The Dishonored 2 Game is the continuation of the famous action by Arkane Studio won over a hundred awards "Game of the Year" you will find yourself once again in the role of the assassin with supernatural powers.  So make your way in a unique world combining magic mysticism and technology.  Decide who to play for the Empress Emily Kolduin or for the defense of the crown Corvo Atta.  Select the style of play hide in the shadows quietly avoiding the enemies using the whole arsenal of murderous methods or combine these two styles as you like.  Pick ability mechanisms and devices that it will allow you to easily destroy enemies.  The game reacts to your every decision and depending on your actions in each of the unique well-developed job can be a different outcome.

Dishonored 2 Game Overview:

The Dishonored 2 Game takes place fifteen years after the victory over the Lord Regent and getting rid of the dreaded rat plague.  Unusual enemy took away the throne from the empress Emily Kolduin and the dark shadow of doom hanging over the island.  Playing for Emily or Corvo you will find yourself on the legendary streets Danuolla and Karnak - once beautiful port city which will play a key role this story.  Tag Alien and your new abilities to help hunt down your enemies and take back what is yours by right.

Features of Dishonored 2 Game:

The killers
Emily Kolduin and Corvo Atta fully voiced - they react to what is happening and give his assessment of the events in the game.  Use the supernatural powers technical equipment and unique weapons that are right for your style of play you can break through the city to fight destroying anyone who gets in your way or move silently across the rooftops.  And remember you can always spare any enemy.

supernatural powers
Deep system for creating bone amulets and brand new improvements will allow to customize your powers and abilities as you want.  Become a living shadow and silently stalk their target.  Combine their enemies so that they shared a common destiny or immerse them in a trance and seize their minds.  Mix and match different capacity with different kinds of weapons decide where to join the battle and where to avoid an open conflict almost unlimited number of options the choice is only yours.

Bright Game World
Gloomy street Danuolla infested by rats flowering Coast Karnaki ... best authors Arcane Studios have created a truly memorable location.  The game world can be considered one of its full-fledged characters it has its own history its own unique look there are many amazing colorful characters.  But the main thing in it - a place where unfolds the main action for example you have to visit the devastated Dusty storms quarter and in the mansion of a madman - in the house with moving walls deadly traps and hours of computer-soldiers.

Customize the game and the difficulty level to your liking.  Change any of the available options to ease or simplify the gameplay.

The engine Void
Beauty World Dishonored 2 come to life thanks to Void Engine technology based on the graphics engine id Tech recycled programmers Arkane Studios.  Void Engine meets the highest requirements of modern electronic entertainment industry and fully exploits the power of the current generation of graphics technology enabling improved absolutely all game systems the behavior of artificial intelligence handling of light and shadow the elaboration and filling locations as well as ways of presenting the story. 
Dishonored 2 Game

Watch Dogs 2 Game

Review: Watch Dogs 2 Game Free is a multi-platform computer game in the genre action adventure open world released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Platforms November 15 2016.  On the PC game will be released November 29 2016.  Sequel Games of 2014 Watch Dogs which continues the storyline idea predecessor - hacking and hacker activity in a large open study for the gaming world.

Overview Watch Dogs 2 Game:

Watch Dogs 2 was first introduced in the debut trailer 8 June 2016 1 where he was shown the new setting of the game and updated atmosphere - sunny San Francisco Valley which replaced the grim Chicago from the first part.  Then in a separate trailer he was presented a new main character - a hacker group DedSec Marcus Holloway.  At E3 2016 exhibition was shown gameplay video game with developer commentary.
About the start of work on the second part of the game Watch Dogs was known almost immediately after the release of the first Watch Dogs.  The head of Ubisoft Yves Gilma strongly hinted that the studio to seriously think about the continuation of the hacker thriller.  It is inevitable sequel were also very high sales of the first part 3.
In April 2015 the online summary of the main programmer gameplay Watch Dogs Julien Risse was seen references to the sequel of the game.  First Risse has worked on the plot in addition to Watch Dogs - Bad Blood.  Also the launch of "a lot of work on our mistakes" said the original game Ubisoft creative director Jonathan Morin.
In an interview with CVG Vice President of Ubisoft - Lionel Raynaud (Lionel Raynaud) said that the best ideas are waiting for the players to continue the sensational Watch Dogs.
During the year the development of the game was known to very few while in April 2016 the actor's Court King in his Instagram «thekingcort» not published a post with an attached photo of probable protagonist of the game where it was reported that the actor "was written" motion capture for the protagonist of the new video game  6.
The subject of discussion in the media game then became a new hero an unknown black hacker who replaced Aiden Pearce a hero of the original Watch Dogs.  The photograph's character model in glasses a baseball cap and a bandana covering the lower part of his face holding a gun in one hand and a smartphone Profiler - in another. 7  Then Ubisoft representatives declined to comment.

More From Watch Dogs 2 Game:

Less than a week before the start of E3 2016 in Los Angeles Online Ubisoft and the official YouTube channel appeared debut trailer for the game 8 demonstrated a new setting (alternative San Francisco) and some of the characters among which was seen declared protagonist  games - Marcus Holloway.  We also learned that Marcus - member of the hacker community youth DedSec which fights for the rights of citizens to privacy and freedom of information and not always legal means.
Watch Dogs 2 Game

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Mirror’s Edge Game

Review: Mirror’s Edge Game is a multi-platform computer game in the genre of action-adventure developed by the studio Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertaiment and published by Electronic Arts.  The game was announced on July 10 2007 and released on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in November 2008. The version for Microsoft Windows published 13 January 2009. Mirror's Edge runs on the Unreal Engine 3 with the addition of new lighting effects developed by Illuminate Labs in collaboration with DICE.

Mirror’s Edge Game Overview:

The Mirror’s Edge Game takes place in the city antiutopichnom not very distant future in which the means of communication are controlled by law enforcement authorities.  The only way to convey the message avoiding surveillance - use the services of Running (English runners.) Which belongs to the main character of the game Faith (English Faith -. Faith).

The gameplay is a first-person shooter but it is not sharpened for battle.  Its main element is parkurnye skills in which the player will move up the levels.  Other features of the game are a bright color palette the almost complete absence of the HUD as well as the fact that the player can see his hands legs and body of the heroine - an extreme rarity for games of this kind.

Mirror's Edge has received mostly positive reviews from critics and enthusiastic players on the network.  Praise worthy innovative games and gaming environment and the shortcomings were attributed plot and short duration.  The soundtrack was written by famous game music is electronic musician Magnus Birgerssonom (Solar Fields) the album was released separately containing remixes of the final song Still Alive performed and composed by Swedish singer Lisa Miskovski.  Side-scroller game version was released April 1 2010 on the iPad September 2 2010 on iPhone and 12 July 2012 by Windows Phone (at first only for Nokia Lumia).

June 10 2013 at the E3 2013 exhibition of the same name was announced the game Mirror's Edge which is a reset of the original.  June 8 2015 EA registered trademark Mirror's Edge Catalyst 11 the next day it was confirmed that the name for the upcoming game.
Mirror’s Edge Game

NBA 2K16 Game

Review: NBA 2K16 Game In addition to Curry the cover of the game will decorate the two other basketball player Kevin Durant of "Oklahoma City Thunder" and James Harden of "Houston Rockets".  The last two claim to be the MVP (most valuable player) of the current NBA season.

NBA 2K16 Game Overview:

For reservations NBA 2K16 buyers will award bonus material.  Their content will depend on the platform.  So on the Xbox 360 and PS3 users will have the items "gold" status and a basketball player with high performance.  Owning a PC and advanced set-top boxes will go to three sets with the top-level athletes to MyTeam mode.  Regardless of platform and method of purchase (on physical media or digital service) users also will give ten thousand coins (virtual currency in the game) which can be unlocked in the domestic sports equipment store.

It is also confirmed that the NBA 2K16 development participates American director Spike Lee.

In NBA 2K16 soundtrack will include 50 songs of different genres from rock and electronic music to songs from the 70s of the last century.  For convenience the song will sort into six catalogs.  The contents of the three of them will determine the guest musicians - DJ Khaled DJ Premier and DJ Mustard.  They write instrumental songs that will play only in the modes and MyPlayer MyGM.
Deluxe Edition

The game will be released not only in the standard but also a collectible set.  On the cover of the latter will be Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan).

In addition to an exclusive cover of the deluxe edition will receive a poster with the image of Jordan a set of clothes and shoes for basketball in MyPlayer mode 30 million coins (virtual currency in the game) to buy accessories in the internal store.

A special edition of NBA 2K16 will be available on physical media and in digital format.  While it is stated only for the Xbox One and PS4 information on release on PC no.  Customers who pre-order be allowed to play in the NBA 2K16 four days before the official release.
NBA 2K16 Game

Firewatch Game

Review: Firewatch PC Video Game Full & Final Setup In A Single Direct Link Works For All Windows Operating Systems (Xp,7/8/8.1/9/10). Firewatch Game Is Very Interesting Game To Play And Enjoy. Firewatch Pc Video Game 100% Working And Tested Links Of Full Firewatch Video Game. Make Sure Before Downloading You PC Laptop Meats Minimum System Requirements To Play The Firewatch Video Game Perfectly. Lets Download And Enjoy Firewatch Full Video Game From Darkgamingzone.Com And Share Our Site For More Reviews Of Games Free. Support Us To Share Our Site To Your Friends And Social Network Like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Pinterest, Scoop It.
Firewatch Game

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Game

Review: Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Game is an updated edition of the computer role-playing game Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 with the image of high definition. Originally the game was released by Square Enix for the PlayStation 2 in 2001 and 2003 respectively. This an updated edition was designed by Square Enix and Chinese studio Virtous (Eng.), For platforms PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita and released December 26, 2013 in Japan and in March 2014 in North America, Europe and Australia. In Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster, in addition to original content, it has become the contents of the international versions of games, as well as the additional dungeon Last Mission (with the gameplay style roguelike games) and audiopesa, tells about the events that took place a year after the completion of the storyline Final Fantasy X-2.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Game Overview:

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Game In the updated edition has been improved graphics and sound, as well as added some features previously available only in the Japanese media. Games fairly well sold in Japan and in the West and received high marks Western critics: many positive things about the improved graphics and support for new platforms. However, observers also noted the existence of minor errors encountered in the game, and the uneven quality of the graphics Final Fantasy X and X-2; in addition, we received a mixed assessment of innovations taken from Japanese publications audiopesa and a new dungeon.
 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Game
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