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Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Game

Review: Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Game takes place on the fictional planet «Morning Land» (eng. Morning Country) where people live chickens and roosters.  But on a planet under attack by evil crows who kidnap 6 elders and plunge the world into darkness.  To defeat the villains inquisitive boy from the human world Billy Hatcher makes a decision - to save the elders to restore order and prevent the spread of darkness on the planet.  Help Billy agreed to his friends.

Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Game Overview:

After the victory over Billy Dark Raven on the planet returned light.  After celebrating the victory Billy and his friends returned to their costumes chickens and go into their world leaving «Morning Land».

Characters in Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Game:

     Billy Hatcher (born Billy Hatcher.) - An inquisitive boy from the human world the protagonist of the game.  He was entrusted to protect the elders and to return to their home planet light «Morning Land».
     Rolly Roll (English Rolly Roll.) - Carefree girl.  She always tries to help those who are in trouble but sometimes can be a bit frivolous.
     Chick Poacher (English Chick Poacher.) - Cock in turquoise glasses.  Able to fly well.  It has the biggest crest on the head.
     Bantam Skrambled (English Bantam Scrambled.) - Heavy and strong friend of Billy roll and Chica.  Witty but hates injustice.  Bantam uses his powers to help her friends.
     Chicken elders - each planet region «Morning Land» is controlled by the elders who bring the morning of the world.  Crows seized the elders and sealed them in a golden egg.
     Ravens - monsters who planned to plunge the world into eternal night.
     Dark Raven - the main antagonist of the game.  He plans to use the giant eggs to satisfy their desires and plunge the planet into darkness.
     Menie-Funie (English Menie-Funie.) - Chickens God watching the planet.  It appears as an assistant to the mission and often tells the player that needs to be done.
Billy Hatcher And The Giant Egg Game

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