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Made Man Game

Review: Made Man Game is the another process currently fashionable crime topics.  The game tells the story of the turbulent life of American Sasha White.  For several years he was from the usual "six" of the criminal world has become a respected and authoritative shark that has passed through Vietnam the overthrow of the leader of a rival group robbery murder extortion and other indispensable attributes of gay gangster life.  The manner of narration is very conservative which however is not a disadvantage - a bunch of "shooting / blood / slo-mo" scenes are interrupted explaining the essence of the events and comments of the main characters in the spirit of Max Payne

Made Man Game Overview:

The English name of Mad Men their game scenario make-up scenery - all this can be easy.  It turned out the same continuation of the famous race.  The game Madmen Racing 2 we specifically see that even.  Mad Men made in the style of the old game of 8 can be made within the framework of the official campaign.  This is an online game of the category racing in which you can play for free on game2ok.

More From Made Man Game:

Made Man - the action ostensibly based on the memoirs of the real killer mafia.  There is a cinematic narrative and directorial ambitions of some (eg regular screen is divided into two parts showing what is happening from different angles).  In fact it is enormously lopsided-looking shooter that really wants to be like Max Payne (there slo-mo and the shooting of two "Uzi") but more like a recent Reservoir Dogs (monstrous and ugly graphics performance).

Made Man Game

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