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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Runaway Express Mystery Game

Review: A young mother's attending a train exhibition with her children, when something strange happens; the legendary Runaway Express starts moving while her children are still on board. Frightened, she jumps on the train and finds it full of unusual passengers--the ghosts of people who died on the Runaway Express over the 50 years it ran between Paris and Istanbul. Each ghost is a victim, his or her mysterious demise never fully investigated. These lost souls are cursed to ride the train until someone has the courage to go back in time and reveal the truth about their deaths. Do you dare to break the curse? Will you uncover the mysteries and free the souls?

Runaway Express Mystery Game Features:

-Follow the clues through a cursed train and save your children
-Explore unique locations and cities in a mysterious train
-Discover what happened to the passengers who died throughout fifty years of history
-Enjoy beautiful Hidden Object scenes
-Solve many puzzling minigames

More From Runaway Express Mystery Game:

While a young mother attends a train exhibition with her children, something strange happens. The monumental Runaway Express starts moving with her children on board! With no one to help, the frightened mother jumps on the train before it starts to speed away. While on board, she finds that it is occupied by unexpected travelers - ghosts of people who died on board during those 50 years the train was operating between Paris and Istanbul.

Every death, every person, every ghost holds some mystery that has yet to be investigated. Now, these haunted souls rule the train and it is no longer suitable for the living. The young mother finds that the only way to save her children is to investigate the haunted past and bring some resolution to these lost souls.

Will it break the curse? Will uncovering each mystery free every soul? Why do the passengers fear the masked Engineer? Unveil the mysteries to find out how to defeat him, but beware, doing so comes at a price.

● Explore many unique locations
● Uncover the mysteries of the cursed train
● Enjoy beautiful Hidden Object sceneries
● Solve puzzling minigames
 Runaway Express Mystery Game

Farm Mania Hot Vacation Game

Review: Farm Mania Hot Vacation Game Set out on a world tour together with Anna and her family in Farm Mania: Hot Vacation! This time you’re given a unique opportunity to take part in challenging farming contests held in different parts of the world. Spend the greatest vacation ever traveling around Australia, Egypt and China, look after rare animals and take care of exotic plants! Help Anna grow pineapples and cacao beans, breed camels and ostriches, make tequila and sushi to win the first prizes in the upcoming farming competitions! Learn new skills, buy advanced equipment and keep upgrading your farm in this challenging time management game. Dive into hours of unforgettable farming fun in Farm Mania: Hot Vacation!

Farm Mania Hot Vacation Game Overview:

After saving her grandfather's farm and restoring a run-down ranch, Anna is back for more farming mania in another installment of the classic Time Management series, Farm Mania: Hot Vacation. This time, Anna goes on her best vacation ever as she travels to Egypt, Australia and China to take part in farming competitions, and of course she needs your help to conquer the mania once again.

More From Farm Mania Hot Vacation Game:

In each of the country's she visits, you'll encounter different local farm animals and exotic plants, and there will be different products to sell. Help Anna deliver food and water to animals, tend to crops, and collect products while her grandfather prepares food and tends to trees and bushes, her grandmother cooks or prepares more complicated goods and Bob cuts trees and mines gold and coal. Then buy new crops, animals and enhancements for your farms and watch them thrive!
Farm Mania Hot Vacation Game

Wallace And Gromit Grand Adventures Game

Review: Wallace & Gromit's Grand Game Adventures is an episodic graphic adventure based around the characters of Wallace and Gromit created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations. The game was developed and published by Telltale Games. It was first released for Microsoft Windows with the first episode released on March 23, 2009, the second episode released on May 5, 2009, the third episode released on June 15, 2009 and the fourth episode released on July 30, 2009. It was then released for Xbox 360 with the first episode released on May 27, 2009, the second episode was due to be released on September 8, 2009, but the announcement was shortly retracted; instead, the final three episodes were released simultaneously on the service on November 4, 2009.

Wallace And Gromit Grand Adventures Game Overview:

Episodes are developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with Aardman Animations to develop the story, characters, and setting. Players control both Wallace and Gromit at times through the gameplay.[3] Ben Whitehead, Aardman's official backup voice actor, portrays Wallace, instead of Peter Sallis, who had voiced the character in all screen appearances up to that point.[4] A playable demo of the first episode was made available on March 16, 2009 and can be downloaded from the official site as well as Yahoo Games. It is also included on the Region 2 DVD and Blu-ray releases of A Matter of Loaf and Death as DVD-ROM content. On January 14, 2014, Telltale Games removed the game from sale due to the expiration of their distribution rights for the Wallace & Gromit intellectual property;[5] customers who previously purchased the game can still download the episodes from their game library.
Wallace And Gromit Grand Adventures Game

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Westward Kingdoms Game

Review: Westward Kingdoms Game The written history of Afghanistan dating from around 500 when the area was under the control of the Achaemenid Empire 1 although evidence suggests that the level of developed urbanized culture existed between 3000 and 2000 p.  n.  e. 2 3 4  Indus Valley Civilization was spread over large parts of Afghanistan to the north where it is known several localities. 5  Alexander the Great and his army arrived in what is now Afghanistan in 330 p.  n.  e.  after defeating Persia at the Battle of Gaugamela. 6  Since then many empires was establishing its capital in Afghanistan including the Greco-Bactrian kingdom the Maurya Empire Kushan kingdom Safaridi Samanids Gaznavidi Guridi Timurid Mugali hotaka and Durani. 7

Westward Kingdoms Game Overview:

Afghanistan was strategically important locations throughout history. 8  The country has served as a gateway to the Indian subcontinent is the focal point of the ancient Silk Road carrying goods from the Mediterranean Sea to China. 9  Being on the road a number of trade and migration routes Afghanistan can be called "circular flow of Central Asia". 10

More From Westward Kingdoms Game:

Indo-Aryan peoples have come to Afghanistan from the north after the 20th century p.  n.  e. 11  and they left their languages ​​have survived in the form of Pashtun and darijskog.  Invasion of Arabs influenced the culture of Afghanistan given that Zoroastrianism Hellenism Hinduism and Buddhism have long since disappeared or have begun to decline as was the case with Buddhism.  Turkic kingdoms such as Gaznavidi Guridi and Timurid are made from the region we now call Afghanistan a very important place.
Mir Vais Hotak followed by Ahmed Shah Durrani united the Afghan tribes and founded the last Afghan empire in the early 18th century BC. 12 13 14 15 16  The sovereignty of Afghanistan held during the Anglo-Afghan wars in 1980 the Soviet War and the war in Afghanistan from 2001 g  the number and diversity of people Pashtuns Tajiks Hazaras Uzbeks Turkmens Ajmaci and others.  Pashtuns form the largest group.
Westward Kingdoms Game

Friday, 17 February 2017


Review: ASTRONEER Game is a computer game developed by Studio System Era Softworks for Microsoft Windows Xbox One.  Astroneer is a sci-fi "sandbox" - the player in the role of the astronaut invited to colonize planets build structures and collect resources.  Astroneer was released December 16 2016 in the early access systems - Steam Early Access to Microsoft Windows and Game Preview for Xbox One 1.

ASTRONEER Game Overview:

According to the story of the game in the XXV century is space "Gold Rush" - humanity develops deep space.  In Astroneer not have any particular problems for the player and storyline.  A player with a special tool can change the topography of planets moons and asteroids collecting various minerals.  The accumulated resources can be used to create new tools means of transport and for the construction of bases of modules.

Gang Beasts Game

Review: Gang Beasts Game is the local fighting game developed and published by Boneloaf Double Fine Presents.  The game released on Steam Early Access to August 29 2014 on Windows OS X and Linux.  The game is expected to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation in the VR 2017.  There are maps trucks ball Ferris wheel lift etc.

Gang Beasts Game Overview:

Gang Beasts - is the local multiplayer fighting game in which the characters fight gelatin in the fictional metropolis Beef City.  In the original version it contains 8 multi-stages.  The goal - to beat opponents until they are "disconnected" and then use one of the "chance" on the map to finish them off.  Now developers new maps are added to the game.
Gang Beasts Game

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game is a multi-platform computer game in the genre Action developed by Monolith Productions and published by Warner Bros.  Interactive Entertainment 2 3.  The game was released on Windows Xbox One and PlayStation 4 2 3 30 September 2014 4 and on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 output only held November 18 2014.
Protagonist of the game - Taleon whose family was killed and then he himself sacrificed minions of Sauron to summon the spirit of Celebrimbor maker of the Rings of Power of the ghosts of the world.  However thanks to the spirit of the Taleon elf was resurrected received special abilities and now goes to Mordor.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game Overview:

The main enemy of Talion - Sauron - namely black generals Black Hand Tower and Sickle.  In addition to the main storyline there are additional missions that improve the experience or acquire useful skills.  In addition to all this an important part of the game is hunting down and killing Uruk-captains and later - their branding (the subordination of reason).

More From Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game:

History is not canonical in relation to the "Lord of the Rings" but has common points with the original works of Tolkien. 3  So the player meets Gollum which as it turns out later has much in common including a split personality and communication with the spirit world.
Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

WWE 2K17 Game

Review: WWE 2K17 Game is the first return fights mixed rules since the famous game 2008's SmackDown vs. Raw, which was a similar story. New game takes you into the world of wrestling, you can feel yourself on the ins and outs of professional wrestling in the ring. Interesting is the fact that the usual battle could escalate into a fistfight in the crowd of spectators, and you should not lose your character and continue to fight. The level of this game are considerably higher than those of its predecessors, such as WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain ".

WWE 2K17: gameplay:

The gameplay greatly improved developers for each gaming system. You have to choose one of the existing characters, and continue to participate with him in various battles. Your character with each success, will become stronger, and you will learn to manage and learn all the pluses and minuses of the selected character. During the match, you'll need to apply the different skills, painful holds. You will be able to throw his opponent, as well as apply it grips. Your main weapon will be his fists, legs, as well as anything that comes handy. It can be both chairs and tables, sledgehammers, garbage cans, etc. If you don't keep your character and let his injury, then you will see how his wounds will bleed.

More From WWE 2K17 Game:

Also in WWE 2K17 you have very wide setting: you can choose the appearance of your character, his view of the stage, gestures, adjust the show with your participation, add objects to the stage, a list of techniques that will be used, etc.

The game will also be available to repeat the spectacular scenes.
In a world that created Visual Concepts and Yuke's, excellent graphics and good sound. All the characters look natural: Sami characters dressed in costumes corresponding to reality, often you can use obscene gestures, hear or speak vulgar words. Locations also developed and not limited to only one ring. Place the battle can become and the Hall with the audience, and the corridor, and even the Cabinet of your boss. You will always be accompanied by the applause and cheering crowds.
WWE 2K17 Game

Fallout 3 Game

Review: Fallout 3 is a computer game in the genre of Action\/RPG, the third canonical game in the Fallout series. Was developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks and ZeniMax Media. Fallout 3 was released for game consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as well as for personal computers running Microsoft Windows. The game was released October 28, 2008 year in the United States, 30 October in Europe and Australia, and December 4 in Japan. Localization of the game in Russia carried out by 1 c. During the year 2009 have been released 5 additions to the game is in Russian published by 1 c.

Fallout 3 Game Overview:

Fallout 3 's plot continues the development of Fallout series of games event, which takes place in the world, slowly emerging after nuclear war year 2077. The duration of the games-2277 year, its events take place over 36 years after the events of the game Fallout 2. As in previous games in the series, Fallout 3 included a network of underground shelters built Vault-Tec Corporation, as stated, in order to save some part of America's population from the consequences of war, albeit outside shelters there are survivors, are much less security. The protagonist of the game is the lone Wanderer, with small years lived in shelter # 101. Although he views the refuge since nuclear war never open, his father once escapes. The lone Wanderer embarks on his quest to find out the reasons for the withdrawal.

More From Fallout 3 Game:

After the release of Fallout 3 has received mostly positive reviews from critics and reviewers gaming publications. Only the PlayStation 3 version was the game long term [3]. Most gaming publications and festivals received the game winning the nomination "game of the year". According to the NPD Group, as of January 2009 the year the PC version sold 610 thousand copies for the Xbox 360 version is 1.14 million copies in the version for the PlayStation 3 - 552 thousand, which exceeded sales of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is a previous product Bethesda Softworks, which sold half a million copies. However, in countries such as Australia, India and Japan due to laws or moral norms are having trouble selling the game.
Fallout 3 Game
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