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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Armed And Dangerous Game

Review: Armed & Dangerous - a computer game in the genre of a third-person shooter with elements of humor developed by Planet Moon Studios and published by LucasArts in 2003.  In Russia it was not officially published but was unofficially localized by Fargus Multimedia.

Gameplay Armed And Dangerous Game:

The gameplay is interesting enough but the lack of some missions is that they are repeated (monotonous repetition of the same idea many times).  Every few levels you will also have to blast massive waves of enemies with a protective turret but again sometimes these levels are a serious drawback of the game.

More From Armed And Dangerous Game:

Armed & Dangerous can boast that everything is collapsing.  Detailed graphics with animation sensitivity more fully shows this.  Also humorous voices behind the scenes support the style of comedy and rattling sound effects are more powerful in the game.  The game can boast of unusualness such as the soundtrack with the pieces of Scottish folk music.

Characters Armed And Dangerous Game:

     Roman - The protagonist protagonist who owns all kinds of weapons.
     Jones - Secondary protagonist protagonist owning a revolver and dynamite.
     Rexus - Secondary protagonist protagonist on the cover is depicted with a "double-barrel" but in the game itself appears only in cut scenes.
     Q1-11 - Secondary protagonist protagonist who owns only 6-barrel machinegun Minigun.
     King Forge is the main antagonist of the game the evil king dreaming of capturing the kingdom of Milo and building in his place a dreadful amusement park.  He also wants to flood and destroy Midden believing that he will remove a curse.
Armed And Dangerous Game

Renegade Paintball Game

Review: Renegade is the third studio album of the Swedish power metal band HammerFall released October 9 2000 by Nuclear Blast Records headed the Swedish charts 1 eventually becoming "golden. The band's first album with percussionist Anders Johansson.

Renegade Paintball Game Overview:

Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball is a paintball first-person shooter published by Global Star Software. It was released for Microsoft Windows and the Xbox video game console on October 11, 2005. It overall received poor reception for not being very realistic. The markers are described by some players as shooting at 100 F.P.S. Until you get to the "Sweetness" marker which is relatively close to around 300 F.P.S. The game has been criticized by parents for showing pictures of models when you beat the game. Upon release, the game had numerous bugs, but Splat magazine countered this by releasing an update that fixes most of the bugs.

More From Renegade Paintball Game:

Renegade Paintball was taken over by on February 2012. The Paintball Game has moved to its online PC platform to be more dynamic.
Renegade Paintball Game

Interstellar Marines Game

Review: Interstellar Marines Game  The section needs your help!  You can offer your information on the game by clicking edit and when your contribution is tested by the moderator get bonuses for it!  The most active participants can receive awards or if you are interested become a moderator. Only authorized users can edit this section.

Interstellar Marines Game Overview:

The authors of the very popular Unity Engine announced a new development - their engine can be used from under the Chrome browser without any additional file downloads.  That is you can just go into the game right in your browser and start playing right away.  The technology is still in the initial stage of development so expect the emergence of the first games with its support in the near future is not necessary - the first technical details can be heard only at the E3 this year.
Interstellar Marines Game

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The Hunter 2012 Game

Review: The Hunter 2012 Game is a series of computer games hunting simulators.  Initially created for Windows and published by WizardWorks Software the game later spread to the Mac Game Boy Color PlayStation 2 and mobile phones.  Deer Hunter is one of the first hunting simulators.

The Hunter 2012 Game Overview:

The first game in the series was released in November 1997.  In 2003 WizardWorks Software commissioned Southlogic Studios to develop Trophy Hunter 2003 and thanks to the success of Trophy Hunter the development of the Deer Hunter series was resumed and continued with Deer Hunter 2004 and Deer Hunter 2005 games released by Atari.  The original Deer Hunter and its sequel Deer Hunter II were also released on Macintosh computers.

More From The Hunter 2012 Game:

The game process usually takes place in the forest or in the meadow at different times of the year.  Other animals besides deer even a snowman can be found during the game but they perform the role of scenery.  Some animals can be killed but the player for them will not receive the trophy and will be fined if the animal was out of the prohibited for hunting.

The Hunter 2012 Game

Incoming Forces Game

Review: Incoming Forces Game is a 2002 shooter video game developed by Rage Software and published by Hip Interactive and is the sequel to the 1998 video game Incoming. The game's plot picks up after the plot of the original game. Incoming Forces was released on September 24 2002.

Incoming Forces Game Overview:

On March 12 2015 Funbox Media Ltd owners of the Incoming brand revealed that the Jordan Freeman Group was the only firm in the industry able to successfully convert the Incoming Subversion Expansion Pack for modern PCs. Incoming Trilogy comes bundled with the original Incoming Incoming Forces and the aforementioned Incoming Subversion Expansion Pack. Incoming Trilogy comes bundled with its original soundtracks and original manuals. The Incoming Trilogy is being distributed exclusively via JFG's
Incoming Forces Game

Monday, 27 March 2017

Rayman Origins Game

Review: Rayman Origins Game is a game-platformer from the game series Rayman telling about the adventures of Rayman and Globox.  For the first time about the upcoming game told the profile gaming publications the information was confirmed by the official trailer for E3 2010.

Rayman Origins Game Overview:

In Rayman Origins under the control of the player Rayman and Globox and two Tinsi are represented - up to 4 players can play.  The game is in 1080p mode at 60 frames per second 24.  The game was released on Xbox 360 PlayStation 3 and Wii on November 15 2011. 25 26  Later it was also released on Microsoft Windows PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

More From Rayman Origins Game:

Rayman Origins is a platform video game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft for PlayStation 3 Wii Xbox 360 PlayStation Vita Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft Windows.5 It is the fourth main installment in the Rayman series and the first main installment since 2003's Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc. The game was released on 15 November 2011 in North America 24 November 2011 in Australia and 25 November 2011 in Europe for PlayStation 3 Wii and Xbox 360. It was released later for PlayStation Vita Microsoft Windows and Nintendo 3DS. The OS X version of the game was released on 12 December 2013 by Feral Interactive.1 The story follows Rayman his friend Globox and two teensies as they fight Darktoons and other evil creatures that have infected the Glade of Dreams.
Rayman Origins Game

Larva Mortus Game

Review: Larva Mortus is an indie video game developed by Rake In Grass in 2008. It is a top-down shooter. The game is set at the end of 19th Century. It follows a man who was recruited to agency which specializes on exorcism of various supernatural evil creatures. He is soon forced to face a dark evil from ancinet times as it plans to capture a powerful artifact of black magic. The artifact was discovered by five adventurers and broken up between them. Now the Agent has to find all pieces before the evil does so.

Larva Mortus Game Overview:

Player controls a hunter of monsters. His task is to kill all enemies in level. There are 30 types of enemies. Missions are randomly generated. There are also RPG features as player gains experiences by killing monsters.

More From Larva Mortus Game:

At the end of 19th Century dark forces shade the world once again. A brave agent experienced in exorcism and combat comes to face the oncoming evil and fight loathsome supernatural monsters and horrific spawns of black magic. In the role of the agent it's your quest to combat evil forces and to face a dark warlock of the ancient times and stop his plan to capture powerful artifacts of black magic.
Larva Mortus Game

Crow Game

Review: Crow Game is the critically acclaimed story-driven action-adventure developed by Sunside. Combining unique exploration combat and game mechanics Crow takes the player on an exciting journey to faraway lands where an ancient battle is unfolding. Your choices will forever alter the course of this world.

Crow Game Overview:

Crow Game for Mature The game follows the basic plot of the movie. You as Ashe have been killed by nefarious criminal types for no reason. The spiritual power of the crow brings you back from the dead to reap vengeance on those who have wronged you. You move through a 3D fixed camera environment as various bad people attack you a few at a time. The camera has been fixed in one pre-determined place in each room/environment. Released by Acclaim.
Crow Game

Requiem Avenging Angel Game

Review: Requiem Avenging Angel is a video game type FPS.  It was released on March 31 1999 on Windows.  The game was developed by Cyclone Studios and was edited by Ubisoft.
The game begins in the Underworld.  Here the player must resort to his angelic powers to defend himself.  These angelic powers are an innovative feature of the game and add an extra dimension to the gameplay.  It is also one of the first games to have a bullet time feature which slows down time to allow the player to dodge the balls and highlighting then advanced animation system of the game.

Requiem Avenging Angel Game Overview:

The armament present in the game reflects that of other FPS of the same style with a lot of "stock" weapons that can be found in other games;  From the humble pistol to the rocket launcher and ultimately the Railgun one of the player's powers is the ability to possess an enemy and have complete control over it.  This allows access to various weapons that could not be used by the player's character.  Requiem was the first FPS that used a bullet time effect in which the player can slow down the time down for a brief period that makes it easier to avoid bullets and kill multiple enemies.

More From Requiem Avenging Angel Game:

The majority of the game is set in mid-21st century of the Earth so most of the places visited in the game are stylized versions of everyday places including a bar hospital and powerhouse between  other.
Requiem Avenging Angel Game
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