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Sunday, 23 April 2017

The Long Dark Game

Review: The Long Dark game is a computer game in the genre of a survival simulator with a first-person view with open-world elements developed by the Canadian company Hinterland for Microsoft Windows and OS X. The alpha version of the game was released on September 22 2014 as part of an early access  In Steam 1.  Developers received funding to develop the game through a campaign at Kickstarter in October 2013 2.  The Long Dark is the debut project of the Hinterland Studio team.  The game received positive reviews even at the stage of alpha development.

The Long Dark Game Overview:

The Long Dark is developed in the genre of survival with a first-person view.  Locations are an open world specifically the game takes place in the wilds on the Pacific coast of Canada after the crash of an aircraft heading for the city of Sitka (Alaska) in the face of an unknown global catastrophe (judging by the route and topography in the vicinity of the village of La Ku'alams  Under Prince Rupert).  The player acts as a surviving pilot.  The goal of the game in the "Survival" mode is to survive as long as possible.  The game includes the elements of the simulator there are indicators of the temperature of the environment the number of calories the degree of saturation / hunger fatigue;  Also simulated air temperature and wind speed wildlife (including the life of wild animals) 3 4.
The Long Dark Game

Tunnel Rats Game

Review: Tunnel Rats Game is a dark and intense single-player shooter for PC that depicts the horrific realities of the Vietnam War as seen through the eyes of a young US soldier.

Tunnel Rats Game Overview:

As member of a “Tunnel Rats” squad, the player is trained to clearing out the huge tunnel systems underneath the jungle of Vietnam. After all of his mates got killed in an ambush, the young GI finds himself all alone, fighting against the Vietcong, their deadly traps and his growing inner madness...
    Relive the atmosphere and unique scenes of Uwe Boll’s simultaneously released movie “1968 Tunnel Rats”
    Face the claustrophobic, pitch-black tunnel maze and a war-torn jungle on the surface, riddled with the most nasty traps ever built
    Experience the dark horror of war, expressed through expressive,harsh visuals, a creepy soundtrack and shocking scenes of torture and death
    Intense, story-driven campaign with 8 levels
    Complex underground tunnel systems and hidden places
    Dark inner monologue and growing loss of grid
    10 authentic weapons, including flamethrowers
    20 trap types, including whip and pits, snakes and water traps
 Tunnel Rats Game

Midnight Nowhere Game

Review: Midnight Nowhere is an adventure murder mystery set in a small town haunted by a serial killer. People are leaving the town in panic, the police are bending over backwards to catch the criminal, the military are putting cordons round the town -- but nothing can stop the maniac. New people are found dead every day. Horror and death reign over the town... Suffering from amnesia, you are cast right into the middle of this frightening scenario as you try to find out what you're doing in the middle of a room full of bodies. In this suspenseful, story-driven adventure you will solve numerous puzzles and battle creatures of the dark to reveal the ultimate mystery. Prepare yourself for a thrilling experience in a stunningly beautiful 3D world of suspense and horror. 

Midnight Nowhere Game Overview:

As the gaming industry becomes more global, we're beginning to see a large number of games coming from Europe and Russia. Midnight Nowhere is one of these games, and it's an attempt to build a spooky horror adventure about serial killers. Unfortunately, it's also a game that you can't help but feel got lost in translation. 

More From Midnight Nowhere Game:

The game is set in the near future, in the fictional Russian city of Black Lake. An unstoppable serial killer has murdered hundreds, and the government is powerless to stop him. The game gets off to a great start, with your character, Sergey, waking up in a body bag in an eerie, deserted morgue. But that early promise is wasted in no time by Sergey's outlandish tone. Rather than being creeped out or terrified--or even vaguely disturbed--Sergey cracks jokes and ogles the breasts of a dead woman as if waking up in a body bag surrounded by corpses were old hat for him. Sadly, it's almost all downhill from there. As he encounters more and more bodies, his tone almost becomes even more jovial. Sergey cracks one-liners much like Arnold Schwarzenegger does whenever he dispatches a villain in one of his movies.
Midnight Nowhere Game

Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game

Review: Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game Racing for survival 1 or Motor racing (2) - the genre of racing computer games where the main or secondary task of the player driving a vehicle is the destruction of one or more similar opponents.  In this case the player himself can also be destroyed by opponents.  In the case of a multiplayer survival race the winner is the player who was the last to survive.  Destruction can occur both by the ramming of enemy vehicles by its own and by the weapon installed on the machine. 

Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game Overview:

In some games the destruction of enemies is not done directly but through the activation of special triggers;  Activating the trigger at a certain time the player can trigger a certain event on the game level which can damage or destroy the enemies.  This genre is usually given the choice of various vehicles available for the game each of which has its strengths and weaknesses and special attacks.  Players can also unlock hidden vehicles by performing specific tasks in the game.
Battle Metal Street Riot Control Game

Natural Threat 2 Game

Review: Natural Threat 2 Game is a national park that was founded in 1949 to protect the area around Mount Kenya.  It is located in the territory belonging to the Eastern and Central Provinces of Kenya.

The area of ​​the park is 715 km ² most of it is located at an altitude of more than 3000 m 2 3.  The area of ​​the forest reserve is 705 km ² thus the total area of ​​the protected area is 1420 km ² 2.

Natural Threat 2 Game Overview:

Prior to the national park status it was a forest reserve.  At the moment the national park is located on the territory of the forest reserve which surrounds the park from all sides 4.  In April 1978 the territories were granted the status of a UNESCO biosphere reserve 2.  In 1997 the national park and the forest reserve were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List 5.

More From Natural Threat 2 Game:

The Kenyan government has established a national park for four main reasons the importance of tourism to Mount Kenya for the local and national economy the protection of the scenic territory the conservation of biological diversity within the park and the preservation of water sources for nearby areas 3.

A small part of the boundaries of the park is equipped with electric fences in order to protect agricultural lands from elephants inhabiting the park 6.
Natural Threat 2 Game

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Nation Red Game

Review: Nation Red Game is a game with a top view in the style of "survive against a thousand zombies from all sides."  Fans of Alien Shooter Crimson land Legion of Man Third Soldier should not miss it.  Available 4 game modes free game survival barricade mission (18 pieces).  To help in the battle against the hordes of enemies more than 70 perks and many weapons are available machete shotguns uzi flamethrowers grenades poisons ...

Nation Red Game Key features:

- Co-op for 4 online or on one PC
- Achievements leader boards
- Support for the Xbox 360 controller
- Infinite fast action
- The zombies also have weapons axes saws and even AK-47
Nation Red Game

Ostrich Island Game

Review:The Ostrich Island Game is the unique adventure/exploration/RPG mix where you are playing as an Ostrich! Walk into tropical paradise, rush through storm madness, explore the deepness of the ocean and behold the darkness of underground.
Each island contains many secret achievements, collectibles and bonuses needed to be discovered! Wear hats, find the photo camera and take photos, catch butterflies, kick all the stuff around you, discover secret islands alone or with your friend and much, much more.

Ostrich Island Game Overview:

Ostrich Island is the unique mix between an adventure, platformer and RPG. Explore beautiful islands, search for collectibles, level up and gain new abilities.
 Did you know that an ostrich can live for up to 70 years, or, that its kick can kill a lion? Well, now you do, and it is all thanks to Ostrich Island, by MeDungeon Games! We have taken control of goats, become cops, tried our hand at farming and even become slices of bread, so it was high time that an ostrich simulator showed up. They aren’t the brightest of birds though, having not noticed the volcanic eruption going on around them. But neither would you if you spent most of the day with your head in the sand. Our intrepid flightless pal is on a mission to escape the island. rejoin his family, and maybe even pick up some trendy accessories whilst they are at it.

More From Ostrich Island Game:

Ostrich Island splits its levels up over several islands, tasking you with collecting eggs, bugs, and kicking everything in sight. If it’s there, you can kick it! It is slightly reminiscent of games you might find in PC game collections whenever you purchased a new computer, back in the late 1990s; the type that invariably came with various pieces of Kindersley software. That is to say, as a product, Ostrich Island is quite primitive.
Ostrich Island Game

Evy Magic Spheres Game

Review: Evy: Magic Spheres offers an exciting blend of marble popper and strategy elements that you need to master, so that you can defeat the menacing evil in a series of puzzle duels.
Orphan Evy wakes to find herself in a fairy tale kingdom under threat from an evil witch. Beyond the witch, monstrous creatures roam the land, from werewolves and evil rabbits to goblins and much, much worse. With the help of new friends and the magic of her special spheres, Evy has to save the land. In puzzle duels, she must match 3+ spheres in endlessly-shifting chains to unlock her powers and defeat the creatures. Beautiful and gripping, Evy's world has to be seen to be believed.
Orphan Evy wakes to find herself in a fairytale kingdom under threat from an evil witch. Beyond the witch, monstrous creatures roam the land, from werewolves and evil rabbits to goblins and much, much worse.

Evy Magic Spheres Game Overview:

With the help of new friends and the magic of her special spheres, Evy has to save the land. In puzzle duels, she must match 3+ spheres in endlessly-shifting puzzle chains to unlock her powers and defeat the creatures.

The land itself is beautifully-illustrated, with magnificent painted landscapes and charismatic enemies. As Evy travels through it, a thrilling plot unfurls, taking Evy from one end of the landscape to the other and, ultimately, to the witch’s own hut. Beautiful and gripping, Evy’s world has to be seen to be believed.

Evy Magic Spheres Game Features:

    Stunning hand-drawn art
    Magnificent fairy-tale world
    Gripping plot with odd allies
    Compelling upgrade system
    Variety of minigames across 61 levels
    Unique ‘marble popper’ duel system
 Evy Magic Spheres Game

Time Of Shadows Game

Review: Time Of Shadows Game is the The Shadows is a British instrumental rock band (although sometimes there were also songs with vocals) formed in May 1958 in London as a result of the transformation of The Five Chesternuts into The Drifters and then finally in "  The Shadows "in July 1959.

The original line-up included Hank Marvin (solo guitar piano vocal) Bruce Welch (rhythm guitar) Terence "Jet" Harris (bass guitar) Tony Meehan (drums).  In the future the composition has changed many times.  Of the original composition only Marvin and Welch remained. It is one of the oldest rock bands in the world and perhaps the oldest of the existing ones.

History Time Of Shadows Game:

Another group called The Drifters accompanied Cliff Richard.  After the release of Richard's first single the group entered into an independent agreement with Norra Peerator a representative of Columbia.  After two singles released under the name The Drifters their vocal work "Saturday Dance" appeared.  All these works did not bring the group success but the starting point in the career of The Shadows was the acquaintance and cooperation with the composer Jerry Lorden who gave them the work "Apache".  This instrumental composition became a big hit and took the first place of the British chart for six weeks and in many musical questionnaires was proclaimed the single of the year.  Thus The Shadows strengthened their positions in the music market indirectly pushing the song of Cliff Richard "Please Do not Tease" from the top of the chart.

More From Time Of Shadows Game:

The following years brought The Shadows a series of hit singles among which were "F.B.I." "The Frightened City" "The Savage" and "Guitar Tango".  All of them entered the top ten like Kon Tiki Wonderful Land Dance On Foot Tapper.  Despite the great success the disagreements in the group led to a change in its composition.  In October 1961 Miena was replaced by Brian Bennett and in April 1962 Harris - Brian "Lycoris" Locking.  The last in a year gave way to John Rostill.  What is interesting soon the recordings of Harris and Mien began to compete on the pop charts with the works of The Shadows.  For example up to the first place their joint work has risen - the single "Diamonds".

In 1963-1964 The Shadows again recorded several successful compositions Atlantis Geronimo Theme For Young Lovers and The Raise & Fall Flingel Bunt but gradually the flowering of the morsibite began to push back their works.  Then the band's musicians took part in several films featuring Cliff Richard and also performed in the London musical "Alladin & His Wonderful Lamp" which brought the band another hit - "Genie With The Light Brown Lamp".  Since 1965 the popularity of the band has begun to subside and it was during this period that two unsuccessful singles appeared "The Next Time I See Mary Ann" and "Do not Make My Baby Blue."  The later film and some other artistic projects also did not bring recognition.
Time Of Shadows Game
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