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Amelie’s Cafe 2 Halloween Game

Review: Amelie’s Cafe 2 Halloween Game is  a modern holiday which goes back to the traditions of the ancient Celts of Ireland and Scotland whose history began in the territory of modern Britain and Northern Ireland 6   7 8.  It is celebrated on October 31 on the eve of All Saints Day.  Halloween is traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries although it is not an official day off.  Since the end of the XX century during the process of globalization fashion for the attributes of Halloween has also arisen in most non-English-speaking countries of Europe and the CIS.

Amelie’s Cafe 2 Halloween Game Overview:

Halloween is informally noted in some other countries that have close cultural ties with the United States or Great Britain for example in Japan South Korea Singapore Australia and New Zealand in a number of island countries in Oceania.
Amelie’s Cafe 2 Halloween Game

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